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There Is A Solution…A Very Human Solution

It was back in 1619 is when the United States’ first marijuana law was enacted at Jamestown, Virginia. It was mandatory right then & there that all farmers grew Indian Hemp. Laws were later enacted in 1631 for Massachusetts  and next in Connecticut during 1632,..lastly  the Chesapeake colonies followed in the early 1700s. Indian Hemp was considered legal tender in most of the Americas […]

Cannabis for Parkinson’s Disease.

Taylor French on Medical Cannabis for Parkinson’s Disease “Taylor French before and after treatments of Medical Cannabis for Parkinson’s Disease. Please help us to save Taylor’s life and make him healthy again. Any help on your part will aid him and provide hope for others who are afflicted with this terrible disease.  Make checks payable […]

Spread Phoenix Rising: The Story of Rick Simpson and RSO episode 1’s gogoWidget

Coming Soon!!!…    …from Chris Harrigan. The man who brought you Crazy A Phoenix Tears Story …   …Another great documentary about Rick’s old friends from Canada, who are still doing great work for the cannabis extract movement. The film… titled ~Phoenix Rising: The Story of Rick Simpson and RSO (episode 1 sneak peak) Phoenix Rising: […]

Call-out for Help With Christian Laurette’s indiegogo Fundraiser for the RFTC sequel…RUN FROM THE CURE 2

…Up & Coming soon from the Producer/Director of RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story… —>  RUN FROM THE CURE 2. <— However, Christian Laurette and crew will require help in sharing this information and spreading the good word while raising funds to make us all the best possible sequel… Please. If you are able […]

Cannabis,..A Superfood Of The Highest Order (…aside from over 50,000 other things…)

  ^ …because you see,..there really is nothing new here…  The Indian Hemp/Cannabis plant and it’s seeds have been an important sacred harvest and source of food and medicine for over ten-thousand years…  ~Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food…    For much of this time, thee Tree of Life has grown, been […]

Comprehensive Report on The Cannabis Extract Movement

Comprehensive Report on The Cannabis Extract Movement A comprehensive review of evidence that cannabis extracts can eliminate cancers and other diseases. Features information from patients, caregivers, researchers, doctors, dispensaries, and corporations. Includes medical documentation of terminal cancer patients in full remission.  ∞OneLove∞ Justin Kander is a cannabis extract activist who has attended and presented at […]