Unity Cup Speech Opener – Janice Davis

Unity-Community-Cannabis and Love

Good Morning Cannabis Enthusiasts!!

Here’s to everyones Endocannabinoid System being nicely topped up for the opening of the very first annual Unity Cup cannabis celebration!
…and hey, if your Endocannabinoid System ain’t topped up yet, I trust it will be today :D] – Smoke a bowl, roll a joint, or take a dab and remember it’s a marathon not a race.

Thank you to Paul for the great idea and to Paul and Matt for their insight and expertise in planning this great event. A shout out to WEEDS for being such a gracious host to us here today.

A huge acknowledgment and applause to all those that made this possible. This was a huge group effort of this Cannabis Community.

Unity and Love with one of Mother Natures most beneficial plants has brought us together this weekend.

United by Cannabis & led by Love….

Sending a warm CannaWelcome to all the amazing organizers, awesome volunteers, generous sponsors, unique vendors, warrior medical patients, responsible recreational users, quality extract producers, creative cannabis bakers, talented Canadian glass blowers, expert cannabis growers, talented and unique performers and professional advocates alike – all Cannabis friends….

It is an honour and a privilege to have this opportunity to share with you some words – thank you!  

I grew up here in Manitoba, in a little house on the prairie.

Worked in a hospital pharmacy environment for almost 20 years. And what I learnt after all those years is – anything Big Pharma Can Do, NATURE can do better 🙂

Having become a Cannabis Enthusiast for over the years I have enjoyed growing over 250 strains.

This fall I’m so excited as we are anticipating growing Next Generations Romulan, a strain that has been out of stock for over 5 years. They are bringing the ROM back. How dope is that!
Thank you Jason from Next Gen.

Not only do I benefit from one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts, but I have witnessed benefits first hand. My husbands advocacy and use of cannabis medicinally & spiritually too have opened my eyes & have always inspired me. Over time as we age and also as his “Bad Days” became more often, I began attending more events, proxy for my husband. And there I was, like that frog being slowly heated in the water, the waters of cannabis prohibition. Things sure do heat up in advocacy, however we must be well adjusted. Lets get along the best we can, because the government and prohibitionists alike love it if there is any disharmony that may weaken our unity and progress.    

My husband and I are chapter coordinators for The Human Solution International (www.thsintl.org). THSI is a grassroots, federally recognized, civil rights organization of concerned citizens focused on restoring the rights of those negatively affected by cannabis prohibition thru education, active support and peaceful assembly.

Many Solidarity Ribbons that I have made, have been given to those who support THSI, attend court support and those who believe that “No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant”

Being a sales representative for Willow Creek Springs, a beautiful botanical garden from California that offers All Natural Hand Crafted Hemp Healing Skin Care products has been very moisturizing. FOOD FOR YOUR SKIN (www.willowcreeksprings.com).

I have recently been involved with the Winnipeg 420 Organizing Committee as VP of Communications.

Got Cookies? As a 420 baker, I enjoy making cookies and cheesecake desserts with medicated crumb crusts with canna-budder, hash-butter and extracts.

I work as a Cannabis Educator at MCRCM, Medicinal Cannabis Resource Centre of Manitoba (www.mcrcm.ca).
Your Cannabis Resource Centre serving Winnipeg, Manitoba and across Canada Assisting patients in the education and access of medical cannabis.

Cannabis Resource Centres exist in Manitoba because many physicians are unwilling to or uncomfortable prescribing Cannabis. Talk to your physician about Cannabis.

MCRCM, like other private health education resource centres receive no public funding and relies on service utilization fees to cover operating costs.

I volunteer at Freedom Wares (www.freedomwares.ca). Freedom Wares is a small benevolent group with a passion for freedom and individuality to connect, educate, motivate and stimulate “freedom sense(s)”.
Freedom Wares is a database of abstracts related to the Endocannabinoid System, cannabinoids, all human diseases & disorders. We are very thankful and appreciative of those sharing the many Abstracts provided by Freedom Wares fresh from PubMed & from Freedom Wares’ CannaFangled Abstracts archives, around 5000 strong & growing.

“Cannabis is the third most commonly used drug in the world, following tobacco and alcohol.

Cannabis preparations have been used medicinally for thousands of years for illnesses such as epilepsy, migraine headaches, childbirth, and menstrual symptoms.

My husband has often said -Cannabinoids are a REQUIREMENT and NOT an ADDICTION.

The Endocannabinoid System is also nature’s method of harm reduction.

Harm reduction is a set of strategies that aim to minimize problems associated with drug use. Cannabis substitution can be an effective harm reduction method. Study participants described using cannabis as a safer alternative for alcohol, illicit drugs and pharmaceuticals based on their perceptions of less adverse side effects, low-risk for addiction and greater effectiveness at relieving symptoms, such as chronic pain.

Cannabis may cause intelligent thought, peacefulness, bliss, love and the feeling of oneness with your surroundings.

UNITY! – “the quality or state of not being multiple : “a condition of harmony”, “the quality or state of being made one”, “an entity that is a complex or systematic whole”.

All along whether large or small, Unity has seen us over, under, around or through…

Unity can give strength to every member of society, when employed properly. Positive Unity can only better a society. Today we are firmly united. We may differ from one another in some ways. Cannabis unites & balances most of us. They will know our CannaCommunity by our UNITY!
They will know we are united by our love. Love is a truth.  

Get involved with a purpose.

REMEMBER full repeal of Cannabis Prohibition is the BEST deal, anything else is less.

It’s a long CannaTramp and we have many more miles to go.

In the United States, much of the drug war is focused on cannabis with over 700,000 people arrested last year alone. Several Supreme Court Rulings have had a great impact on Cannabis here in Canada. Justin Trudeau’s party in the light of “Legalization”has allowed the continual arrests for cannabis adding up to close to 100,000 since he has been voted in.

There is no justification for this.

Still more than 200 Dispensaries have been raided since Justin Trudeau took over.

Cannabis Dispensaries Save Lives!

Keeping the UNITY in our little CannaCommunity out in these prairies will strengthen us as we grow onward.

Cannabis was a huge part of the past.  Cannabis is now. Cannabis is the future.

Cannabis is also very popular “Recreationally”

I think it’s time to do a blunt assessment…

(Takes puff of lit blunt.)

…an extreme feeling of well being.

Over Grow Canada
Let’s Get Lit
To Cannabis

Let Winnipeg’s 1st Annual Unity Cup begin!

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