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Pamela McColl Poses More Of A Threat To Public Health & Safety In Canada Than Any Cannabis Dispensary Ever Will

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YMCHQEarlier this month, Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters, the first dispensary located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was raided. Kind and compassionate dispensary owner, Glenn Price, is now facing numerous charges in a world of mandatory minimums for dispensing to several hundred displaced and neglected cannabis scripted patients. The very real and damaging trauma from a raid takes its toll on dispensary owners, like Mr. Price, and their families, including the several hundred patients and their families in Winnipeg that are negatively affected by a broken Health Canada program. Whether you want to accept it or not, Cannabis Prohibition affects us all.
The Winnipeg Police Department has the authority to set its own priorities, but it looks as though they have failed compassionate individuals, including many sick & dying Human Beings.
Pamela McColl, the director of an unbalanced prohibitionist based non-profit group in Vancouver, told CBC News on July 7th that she had filed a complaint with Winnipeg police after they told her marijuana dispensaries are legal.
The name of the estranged non-profit prohibitionist group that Pamela is a director of is called SAM Canada.
The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & co-host Lisa Campbell at Vapor Central recently had Pamela McColl on their show as a mystery prohibitionist guest. Apparently she was too cannabinoid deficient to know. Check it out below and see for yourselves. Listen in, as Monty Styles & Lisa Powers of Springfield chat with Pamela from the Drug Abuse Conference she was invited to. 😀

TMZ 215 Pot Prohibitionists Mystery Guest
tmz 2050
Just before Pam’s call folks at Vapor Central medicated, some even made rosin. At approximately the 40 minute, 30second mark Matt (Monty Styles 🙂 ) welcomes Cannabis Prohibitionist Pamela to their Drug Abuse Conference.
Shortly after Matt/Monty asks Pamela : “If you had one message to say to young people who are smoking marijuana right now, what would you say?” She replies “Well that’s a great question.” Says “I think um, one has to ah just look to the science, you know and think about your future, you know, what one does temporarily could have, you know, long term consequences…”
She went on about a study that the “pot lobby loved to throw around” (Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD’s study)  ,,,and she claimed it didn’t study the long term effects enough but did you know that Melanie Dreher, RN, PhD would have continued her study through adolescence and through adulthood but as she has said before in an interview:

“It was clear that NIDA was not interested in continuing to fund a study that didn’t produce negative results. I was told not to resubmit. We missed an opportunity to follow the study through adolescence and through adulthood.”
Marijuana Cannabis Use In Pregnancy Dr. Dreher

Dr. Dreher’s main funder, the National Institute on Drug Abuse obviously must have been frustrated and upset at the results of Dr. Dreher’s work in the field,..
……………….they discontinued funding her research.


formula-pam-400 Idealogy

Pamela thinks that parents giving cannabis medicinally to their sick child are “misinformed” She thinks they “have no idea”? The EndoCannabinoid System is implicated in ALL Human diseases and disorders. She is denying all the living proof and many, many valid studies supporting cannabinoids for many diseases and disorders.

Matt later brings up the raid in Winnipeg at Mr. Price’s compassion club, mentioning to her that she had been “behind all that”. She didn’t want to take credit for that “completely”.
McColl did say though that she hopes they charge the operator, the building landlord and the doctor who she says “..who we are all working on right now to find out who that doctor is.”
cbc 1234On July 7th CBC News reported that: “Pamela McColl with Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada said she tried to lodge a complaint about a new marijuana dispensary that just opened in Winnipeg.
Medical Marijuana Headquarters opened on Main Street July 1. With the right paper work, customers can purchase medical marijuana from the store.

McColl said when she learned the store had opened, she called Winnipeg police. But she said she was in disbelief during the phone conversation she had with Winnipeg police.
“I was astounded …. The person on the other end of the phone said ‘They’re legal,’ and I said ‘No, no, no they’re not.’ And they were arguing with me,” said McColl. “I found that kind of upsetting, to have the Winnipeg Police [Service] kind of not take a complaint seriously and to misinform the public.”
McColl said she has emailed Mayor Brian Bowman hoping he will step in before more marijuana shops open in Winnipeg.
Pamela McColl says that parents using cannabis for their sick & dying children have been conned and very misinformed. She said that she thinks medical cannabis was a “planned scam”. She believes it was a “Trojan Horse” towards full legalization and medical cannabis is and has been in the absence of medical science. She said “A great many people have been harmed by that” too. Yet I still haven’t heard anything about people dying from marijuana. I HAVE heard too much about FDA approved drugs killing though.
When asked if she did her own fund raising for SAM-C, she says “We went out to try to find some money”, everybody seemed to think it was a lost cause. (49:46) Duh.
Some of the very few things Pamela was actually right about was that “one can’t underestimate the power of this Pot Lobby” and that the “Pot Lobby” is “very well organized” and “relatively brilliant”. Guess a girl can get lucky one way or another there.
In order for a nonprofit to exist it requires 3 members on it’s board of directors. As Pamela was a guest on TMZ, she was asked about SAM Canada’s board of directors. There we were able to hear that SAM Canada can only account for 2 out of three members on their board of directors. Word online is that her 3rd member is a deceased member that she has signed up. When she was asked more about this on TMZ …she responds that she “is not up to date on that”. Pretty selective. She should learn more about the negative side of herself as a human and drop the whole scam of SAM and lying about the “negative side” of dispensaries. Pamela’s nonprofit is not legit and her views are dangerous to Public Health & Safety… …Genocidal even when you consider alone the people that die from cancer every year and the fact that many, many studies support targeting the Endcannabinoid System and using cannabinoids for anticancer preventatively and to shrink, reduce, eliminate and prevent metastasis of tumors. For Pamela to claim to be knowledgeable about cannabis and have all the latest studies on cannabis, she sure is quite delusional and very misinformed too. She has no regard about how to legitimately run a nonprofit organization. She should work on that. She isn’t being truthful, can’t be trusted and has no credibility.
Pamela should take her rehab efforts and direct them to the biggest threat of all, FDA approved drugs.

bud busters

From left, Surrey teens Jordan Smith with twins Connor and Duncan Fesenmaier at the Vancouver Art Gallery on April 20. The high school students were protesting the use and legalization or marijuana. (Photos: AMY REID)

Be ware of Pamela’s prohibitionist perversions and keep your children properly educated about the dangers of Pamela and misinformation. She preys on students. Duncan FesenmaierConnor Fesenmaier, and Jordan Smith have fed her Anti- cannabis sensationalism and further helped her by “Wearing Anti-pot T-shirts and sporting gas masks. Twins, Duncan and Connor Fesenmaier and Jordan Smith, from Princess Margaret Secondary, took the trek to Vancouver to protest the use of marijuana and spread their Anti-legalization message”, as Surrey Now, an area newspaper has reported.
GT who am i hurting
So Pamela “McColl, who speaks for the group Smart Approaches Marijuana Canada, said she wanted to call attention to the negative side of dispensaries and of pot.”
..but what about the negative side of Pamela?

Every dispensary Pamela McColl plays a role in closing is a dispensary where more patients will be subject to a worse quality of life and increased pain & suffering. These patients know how effective cannabis is as a medicine and are now forced to turn elsewhere, including the streets. It is unconstitutional to force sick & dying patients to rely on the streets for their medicine.
So of course Pamela McColl poses more danger and threat to the public health & safety of sick & dying Canadian citizens than any dispensary ever could.
Nonprofits groups like SAMC are damaging on so many levels, turning patients and compassionate individuals, like Glenn Price, into criminals.
The raids across Canada not only affect the patients and their families but also those arrested and their families and friends too. The trauma from a raid can live on forever…
No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant!
‪#‎LetGlennDispense‬ ‪#‎TimeForChange‬
Georgia toons 3 thingsOn July 20th, 2015 (a couple weeks or so after Pamela McColl called the Winnipeg police), the Winnipeg Police Service issued a media release regarding concerns that had been raised about the sale of purported medical marihuana within the city, supporting a bad exemption to which there should be no offence to and thus continues the damaging impact of Cannabis Prohibition across Canada

“In 2014, Health Canada introduced Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). The intent of the regulatory system is to ensure that there is no risk to public health, safety and security when it comes to accessing marihuana for medical purposes. Only licensed producers approvedby Health Canada can produce and provide medical marihuana.
Without this authorization, any person or business selling marihuana is committing a criminal offence under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). The Winnipeg Police Service will investigate activities that appear to be in contravention of this act.
As previously stated:

  • Health Canada licensed producers are highly regulated. They must meet stringent controls to ensure public safety.
  • Only Health Canada authorized licensed producers can provide medical marihuana and only to individuals with a valid medical document.
  • Any business or person (not licensed by Health Canada) who sells marihuana is marketing a substance whose quality and content is unverified. This may pose a significant health risk to the consumer.
  • Dispensing, by a Health Canada licensed producer, is only done by a delivery service and is never dispensed through a store-front or personally.  Marihuana sold any other way is illegal.
  • Winnipeg Police will respond appropriately using the authority provided to them by the CDSA and Criminal code of Canada to stop any dispensing of marihuana that is not authorized by Health Canada so as to ensure the health and safety of the public…”


Laws were made by people and people can be wrong.
~Anne Feeney

Ribbon man prohibition site 200
The end of the WPS statement refers folks to a broken and failed Health Canada program for “more information about licensing and compliance regarding Medical Use of Marihuana.” This again highlights the risk of Health Canada creating a monopoly over supply. Sick & dying patients get the short end of the stick again.

WPS stated “Health Canada licensed producers are highly regulated. They must meet stringent controls to ensure public safety”. However in Health Canada’s program has continually failed Canada’s patients and the recalls below are further proof. Health Canada’s LPs have distributed through the mail product with problems like bacteria. I happen to personally know a patient that got the recall for 5 grams, 3 months after the script was dispensed to this patient. That kind of window is not only unsafe but also unacceptable.

Recalls on “highly regulated” product:

Recall of Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Tilray Tilray is voluntarily recalling three marijuana for medical purposes products due to positive bacterial testing: Sativa House Blend (Lot number: 5411 9952 8740 9514), Hybrid House Blend (Lot number: 6889 8271 1515 4149) and Indica House Blend (Lot…
Recall of Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Peace Naturals Project Inc. Peace Naturals Project Inc. is voluntarily recalling product Nyce N’ EZ (Lot number: 12-NAE-003-14 and Lot Number: 12-NAE-003-14-A) of marijuana for medical purposes. During the course of a regular inspection conducted under the…
Recall of Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Peace Naturals Project Inc. Peace Naturals Project Inc., of Ontario, is voluntarily recalling one batch (K-Farms Lot: K1-KFM-001-14) of marijuana for medical purposes due to positive bacterial testing outside of acceptable limits. Peace Naturals Project Inc’s…

Recall of Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. August 15, 2014 For immediate release OTTAWA – Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp. is voluntarily recalling White Widow batch (Lot L0004) of marijuana for medical purposes. During the course of a regular inspection conducted…

Recall of Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Greenleaf Medicinals OTTAWA – Greenleaf Medicinals of British Columbia, is voluntarily recalling one batch (Purple Kush, Batch PK-10-20-13) of marijuana for medical purposes. The recall is due to issues with the company’s production practices which were…
Information Update – Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Advertising and Licensed Producers Issue OTTAWA – On November 25, 2014, Health Canada issued warning letters to 20 licensed producers regarding their advertising practices. These warning letters are in follow-up to an advertising bulletin sent…


” “Who’s The Pusher Now?” expresses my concerns about the hypocrisy of our federal government Drug Wars that incarcerated people for fallacious Marijuana laws, while at the same time providing legal protection for deadly pharmaceutical drugs that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. Check it out. Share it. ” ~Ellen Bukstel

Kirk is coming to winnipegKirk Tousaw represents several dispensaries in Vancouver and across Canada. Kirk’s Vancouver clients have been operating safely, responsibly and compassionately for, in some instances, many years.
TousawLaw-Web-Mast-logo“These brave persons have put their liberty at risk in order to provide critically and chronically ill Canadians safe access to medicinal cannabis and medicinal cannabis derivatives. Many have laid the groundwork for responsible operation of medicinal cannabis dispensaries not just in Vancouver but across North America.”
~Kirk Tousaw
“On existing dispensaries with a solid track record; many of these will be forced to close or relocate as a result of the location restriction. That is neither fair nor desirable, because these locations have demonstrated a history of responsible operation and newer businesses have not. I urge council to provide some flexibility to allow for relaxing or waiving the location restrictions in appropriate cases, perhaps on a case by case basis, if the dispensary has local community support and a track record of positive contributions to their local areas.” ~Kirk Tousaw, Barrister

Justice Laws website“Impeding attempt to save life 262. Every one who (a) prevents or impedes or attempts to prevent or impede any person who is attempting to save his own life, or (b) without reasonable cause prevents or impedes or attempts to prevent or impede any person who is attempting to save the life of another person, is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years.”

Since the raid on Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters dispensary, the dispensary has been unable to provide medicine to hundreds of patients. Winnipeg police have also been investigating drug overdoses, possibly linked to Fentanyl. A new study has shown that Cannabis Dispensaries Save Lives and only further supports what is now happening in Winnipeg.
Marijuana dispensaries save lives, new study shows | MSNBC – “For the study, researchers from the RAND Corporation and the University of California-Irvine (UCI) examined whether, in the years following legalization, states that legalized marijuana had experienced reductions in fatal overdoses and addiction treatment center admissions relating to opioid abuse. The researchers found that these states experienced significant reductions in both measures of opioid misuse — but only if they had also legalized marijuana dispensaries.In the six states where doctors are allowed to prescribe marijuana, but where retail dispensaries are prohibited, the study found “no evidence” of “reductions in substance abuse or mortality.” But in those 18 states where medical marijuana shops are allowed, they found a 16% reduction in “opioid-related mortality” and 28% reduction in opioid-abuse treatment admissions. Critics of marijuana dispensaries often accuse them of fostering an environment of de facto legalization. In some states, once a doctor provides a qualifying card, the patient can purchase marijuana virtually at will. As Vox’s German Lopez writes, “Just about anyone can go to Venice Beach in Los Angeles, pay around $40 for a card, and legally buy and smoke a joint within five minutes.”But it may be this very ease of “abuse” that allows dispensaries to prevent fatal overdoses. In the study Do Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Addictions and Deaths Related to Pain Killers?” we learn “Many medical marijuana patients report using marijuana to alleviate chronic pain from musculoskeletal problems and other sources. If marijuana is used as a substitute for powerful and addictive pain relievers in medical marijuana states, a potential overlooked positive impact of medical marijuana laws may be a reduction in harms associated with opioid pain relievers, a far more addictive and potentially deadly substance. ” and “Our findings suggest that providing broader access to medical marijuana may have the potential benefit of reducing abuse of highly addictive painkillers.” We shouldn’t forget the many patients that cannabis has successfully get off off their toxic FDA approved prescriptions.” The #LivingProof is amazing.
As Canadian dispensaries in B.C, Alberta and Winnipeg have been falling subject to traumatizing raids, fatalities associated with the drug fentanyl have become increasingly on the rise across Canada, prompting a number of police services to issue public warnings.
WATCH: Drug death prompts new fentanyl warning from Winnipeg police

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Winnipeg marijuana dispensary illegal, non-profit group says
Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada tries to file complaint against new dispensary, told it’s legal:…/winnipeg-marijuana-dispensary-illegal-n…
August 4, 2015 Winnipeg Police Service Media Release – For Immediate Release:
Marijuana dispensaries save lives, new study shows:
Shop owner disguised ‘drug trafficking’ business as medical marijuana shop:
Winnipeg police investigating drug overdoses possibly linked to Fentanyl:

Matt Mernagh
Georgia Toons:
Georgia Toons cartoonist – Home
Do Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Addictions and Deaths Related to Pain Killers?:
Tousaw Law Corporation:…/full-text-kirk-tousaws-address-v…/

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