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Unity – Community – Cannabis & Love

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Unity Cup Event


Friday set the scene for the after party of Winnipeg’s first Unity Cup which followed the Meet and Greet held earlier at WEEDS Glass & Gifts. Those in attendance also celebrated Mat M’s. of WEEDS Winnipeg’s 50th birthday! Happy Birthday Mat!!! The after party at Nectars Nightclub was a yabbin’ dabbin’ due time! OneLove.
Over 275 tickets were sold for this well organized event.
Mat & PaulWith a gentle rain and the odd kiss of sunshine in Winnipeg over this past weekend, WEEDS presented it’s first annual Unity Cup, and what a cannabis celebration it was! The turnout was Cannafantastic, and the amount of soulshine was amazing. Yes, bright, warm and blazing soulshine baby!

“..soulshine. It’s better than sunshine, It’s better than moonshine, Damn sure better than rain.”  

A variety of cannabis friendly vendors filled the lane right up and into the Judging Headquarters. Vendors such as topsecretdabs, Shine Glassworks, WEEDS, Oleg Glasswork, HAPPY GO LUCY’S, THE NATURAL REMEDY, PRAIRIE Extracts, ALIEN SLYDE, Thill Glassworks, Glacial Gold, Ready…Set…Grow! Hydroponics, TERRAWORMPRODUCTS, Blue Sky Organics, Nature’s Perfect Plant Food, Puff co., SQUISHglassworks, Green Beaver Genetics and The Green Café among several others were in attendance…
The stage was set and music was in the air. Live glassblowing was taking place by Shine Pipes, Oleg Glasswork and Alien Slyde. True masters in the glass biz. In the years to come I suspect even more premium shops booming on both coasts will be finding their way to Winnipeg for this annual cup as well.
Cup Speech Opener Jan site
“…that moment when sharing some words with a community and everyone steps in closer to hear what you are expressing. #firmlyunited #unity #love 🙂 <3″
– Janice
Outstanding advocate Janice Davis was “honoured” to give the opening speech. To view Janice’s speech, please click her photo.
Unity-Community-Cannabis & Love
Unity Cup placings
The entries consisted of: 12 indica, 16 Hybrid, 8 Sativa, 14 solvent, 1 solventless and 13 edibles [which were the last of the entries tested, before bedtime, 🙂 .]

🙂 Annd the winners are!…:

1st Rock Star Bongaru (RPG)
2nd Lemon Larry OG (RPG)
3rd Skunk Spray/Chem Dog S1 (Private Grower)
4th Hash Plant (RPG)
5th Hash Plant (PFE)
6th Momma Walker (FFF)
7th Remo Kush (Phat Pharmer)
8th The Church (Dan Dee Seeds)
9th Khonk (Dan Dee Seeds)
10th Green Crack (RPG)
11th Strawberry Kush (Sun Honey Concentrates)
12th Black Domina Disqualified for Powdery Mildew)
1st FLOJI (Teemu S)
2nd GTH#1 (Teemu S)
3rd Blue Dream (PFE)
4th (TIE) -Orange Candy (Private Grower)-Blue Dream (Holly)
5th Kona Gold (PFE)
6th Bandaid Haze (Genetic Joe)
7th Plush Berry (FFF)
1st Forum GSC (CEH)
2nd Forum GSC (Teemu S)
3rd GG#4 (Teemu S)
4th Forum GSC (Genetic Joe)
5th AK47 X Gods Treat (FFF)
6th Lyndsay OG (Liberty F)
7th Keed Kandy (KWS)
8th The OG (KWS)
9th Alien Skunk
10th Deadmans Chest (The House of Cultivars)
11th Dark Plasma (Hell Yeah Canada)
12th OG Kush (FFF)
13th Fruity Pebbles OG (Hell Yeah Canada)
14th Chem Valley Cookies (Phat Pharmer)
15th Widows Peak (Dan Dee Seeds)
16th Sensi Auto Skunk (Chris Code Cruncher)

1st Pink Kush Live Resin (Everlasting Extracts)
2nd Platinum Banana Kush (Blue Velvet Extracts)
3rd Silver Mikado (Top Secret Dabs)
4th Death Bubba (Glacial Gold)
5th GSC Forum (Concentrate Extraction Headquarters)
6th Blue God Diesel (Liberty Farms)
7th Lime Tea (Maple Leaf Extracts)
8th Lemon Larry (Maple Leaf Extracts)
9th Jack The Ripper (CJ)
10th Blue Dream (Prairie Fire Extracts)
11th Kona Gold (Prairie Fire Extracts)
12th Momma Walker (Frosty Flower Farms)
13th Kosher Cough (Top Secret Dabs)
14th Burmese Kush (Sun Honey Concentrates)
1st Purple Syrup (Sunshine Rosin Co)
-Only Non-solvent entry-

1st Smore Pops (Stinky Bakery)

2nd Assorted Cake Pops (Higher Expectations)
3rd Score Cake Pops (Holistic Realms Therapy)
4th Almond chocolate Cups (Mr. Hari)
5th Gummy Worms (Gone Green Medical)
6th Sour Candy Blocks (Gone Green Medical)
7th Death Stars (Teemu S)
8th Chocolate THC square (Thomas Farms)
9th Hard Candy (CE)
10th Hard Sucker (FFF)
11th Dark Chocolate Bark (Puff Co.)
Well done everybody!
Judges were Zombies!
– GT

Unity Cup Collage
one love georgia toons

Why Unity Cup? Freedom Wares asks event organizer Paul Martin.
“It was my idea to finally have a cup that was accessible to all growers…Less industry… more commUNITY…” Beauty, and that it certainly was.

Paul adds: “The generosity of the cannabis community allowed us to have this event. Cannabis and our love for this plant unites us all.”

Georgia toons Stand Up
WEEDS crew

..big, big Love & Respect to Paul, Mat and the WEEDS crew!
OneLove – Freedom Wares


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green ribbon

No One Should Go To Jail For A Plant!

georgia toons we are not criminals