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Third Annual Unity Cup – A Craft Cannabis Celebration

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Unity Cup was based amongst Pearl Crescent, Brush-footed Butterflies, Wildflowers and Amazing Souls. Words really fall short when trying to explain the positive feelings and inspiration one might experience at such an amazing event.
Hats off to the organizers for all their time and hard work. They covered all the right bases for another great Unity Cup Event. All permits were in place and it was a safe gathering.
A Shuttle Service was available from the city to further accommodate festival goers.

With temps rising up to 32C/89.6F, it was a hot one. Guests were kept well hydrated during crazy hot temps. There was Craft Cannabis in all its forms and a good venue. There was BBQ by Choice Edibles and a CannaLicious selection of Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls baked for you by Lord of The Pies Food Truck. Thank you RT, Dustin and also their great staff for keeping the tasty food going all weekend.

2 Baked Girls emcee’d the event. REALLY, 2 Baked Girls emcee’d the event, heehee 🙂 Those cannamazing 2 Baked Girls kept it happening, fun and also hosted games like WeedPong, contests of joint rolling and more. Check out 2 Baked Girls PotCasts, check out their Facebook page from here and give em a “Like” to show your support.
The Stage Was set; performers such as Frannie Klein, Shawn Haze, Stacey James, Tim & Marianne Rose, Comedian Carole Cunningham and others, they filled the air with their beats and sparked smiles all around.
Some pretty cool demonstrations to be seen on the grounds by the good folks from Growers N Smokers too! When in Brandon, Manitoba and looking for a friendly shop with knowledgeable staff that can offer expert help and advice, ..check out Growers N Smokers.

Experiencing the many Pearl Crescent, Brush-footed Butterflies united with Unity Cup 3 over the weekend was majestic. Twas enough to remind some of us about the result that may come from the great power granted to a butterfly flapping its wings. Realizing that some things may take awhile for this result, but in the end, their connection is real…The Butterfly Effect.
Perhaps by the butterfly flapping its wings at just the right point in space & time was really what made it all happen… 

And so it was, ..that weekend, the Pearl Crescent butterflies of the Brush-footed Butterfly family united as one with the good folks at Unity Cup 3….

Everything fit together rather well…

Image Credit: Chi Chi Pops

Green Velvet, UNLICENSED PRODUCER, EXTRACTS R US, PEG CITY HIPPIE, PRAIRIE EXTRACTS, SHINE PIPES, NATURES PERFECT PLANT FOOD, EAST COAST COLLECTIVE, Next Generation Seeds, CANNABON, Veterans Alliance of Canada, My Two Sons, Lift Innovations, Tumble Rose, STICKY ZOO, RIVER CITY BUD CO., HERBIVORES, CHI CHI POPS, FREEDOM WARES, GROWERS N SMOKERS, Mailman Pharms, Sacred Cut Seed Co., Osiris EstatesCanna Central Events, Jan Jan’s 420 Baking, The Human Solution International, Super Smashed Brothers, KIND SELECTIONS and many others… were just some of the many great vendors, non-profit groups and sponsors that could be found at the cup offering up their finest quality craft products and/or information for you. Unity baby!!



Special shout-out to Veterans Alliance of Canada and thank you for all you good folks do. Why not show them your support & appreciation for them on their Facebook page from here and give them a “Like“.


There was a variety of tables to accommodate most all of your cannabis needs under the Big Top. All the vendors, non-profit groups and sponsors were friendly and quite helpful.

Choice Edibles really infused the community with an Mmmmm mazing selection of Cake Pops, Syrups (drink enhancements) Hard Candy’s, CBD Infused Honey, CBD Slabs and Isolate, kickass CBD Bbq Sauce, Burgers, Hotdogs and Ice Cold Lemonade with Fresh Lemons and Strawberry’s. So tasty! So refreshing and definitely hitting the *spot on such a hot hitting weekend! *Highly appreciated by many. “Choice Edibles – Manitoba based edible company, utilizing as many locally sourced products as possible! Keeping prices low and dosages high. They are happy to work with people to create anything that suits their needs! 3 time award winning edibles! Great products for great people. The right choice 😉”

There was a unique display of innovation by the environmentally conscious, talented & friendly crew from Lift Innovations. They have developed a totally amazing and very, very easy to use grinder. Effortless. We’re talking a grinder that actually cuts the cannabis up nicely without mulching it like all the other grinders do. “Improve Your Daily Grind” with a high quality CNC machined premium grinder stands above the rest.


Prairie Extracts had great Unity specials! A variety of quality Diamonds and Live Resin among the t-shirts, hoodies, caps and dab mats were available. I hope you had a chance to stop in for dab, their energy and friendly persona were very inviting and I had a dabbing good time! Prairie Extracts is a Manitoba craft cannabis producer who makes small batch, high quality, award winning concentrates and flower. Prairie Extracts has participated at all 3 Unity Cup’s and have won multiple awards. 3 years in a row PE’s Blue Dream flower won 3rd place in the sativa category and for the past 2 years they won 1st place in the Solvents Category for his Kona Gold. Peg City Hippie is the official Prairie Extracts rep.

Mailman Pharms table was there to provide Cannabis Consulting along with quite a selection of healthy, beautiful tomato plants for your garden. Always a great conversation to be had there and colouring too! 🙂 All fully coloured pages were even entered in a draw for prizes! Mailman Pharms, this 2019 providing more than 60 varieties of Tomato Plants & Tomatoes…

The team at Sacred Cut seeds had a great selection of seeds, flower and SCS gear. SCS boasted their new fruity pebbles feminized seeds including Frosted Fruit Cake, Zkittlez x Fpog, GMO x Fpog.. ..and a wide selection of craft quality flower such as Slymer, Platinum Kush Breath, Wedding Cake, Mac , Mendobreath, Pink Panties, Gelato 45 and more. It was a pleasure visiting with them. “Our passion for cannabis quality genetics led us to form Sacred Cut Seed Co. In 2017, our extensive genetic library has enabled us to offer elite genetics to Canadian growers who need quality medicine.” – Sacred Cut Seed Co.

The Human Solution International‘s Friendly Manitoba Chapter was there to remind folks that you could still go to jail for cannabis with the kind of “legalization” we have in place currently in Canada, they discussed the importance of ending Cannabis Prohibition and the Power Of One as Juror that all jurors have…that is…Jury Nullification. Remember Jurors…., you can not only judge the defendant but you can judge the law…

Osiris Estates exuded some of Canada’s rarest genetics at the Cup. They preserve natural growing techniques. Sky Cuddler and Life Coach are just  a couple of the enjoyable cultivars they provide that I have enjoyed. OE is a 3x Unity Cup 2018 winner. They took First Place for their flower in all three categories. It was great seeing you guys there!

Cannabis education continued and was brought to those interested by Freedom Wares…

Was the perfect weekend to treat yourself to a CBD infused massage by Tee Genie of Tumble Rose. Tee Genie is not only the CEO of Tumble Rose Distribution, she is also the Head Artist at Kush and Canvases. Canada’s first cannabis friendly Arts & Yoga studio.

I’ve heard that happiness is also a butterfly…. Speaking of happy, there was a couple happy birthdays and ALSO a wedding proposal too!!… Happy Birthday Wishes and Cannagratulations to the freshly engaged couple. We wish you all the very best in the years to come….

..and so as the metamorphosis [ google stages of monarch] continued on from Unity Cup 1 thru the hard work, continual inner and outer journeys and behind the scenes extra efforts…. the outcome was beautiful like…..  The journey is real….?

Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine.” – Jeffrey Glassberg


..and so as the metamorphosis continued on from Unity Cup 1 thru 3, the hard work, continual inner and outer journeys and behind the scenes extra efforts continue. 

3 years of Unity Cups complete. Quite the journey with quite the landscape…Through these years we are proving Mahatma Gandhi’s words about Unity to be true, when he said that; Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking. That we have…
More stepping stones than obstacles for the Unity crew….

Rick, from Growers N Smokers wins the Freedom Wares Gentlepersons Award for best sporting the Unity Doobie. Great to see you Rick!!

Where there is unity there is always victory. – Publilius Syrus

All in all, it was a great weekend for cannabis loving creatures to graze & blaze in the great Manitoban outdoors. The fleeting beauty of a unity weekend floated by on the wings of a butterfly…

Unity Cup 3 – 3 Day Weekend Baby!!

Mega Cannagratulations to Phat Farmer for most wins! Many Cannagratulations to the many other cup winners and thank you for affirming that Craft Cannabis is alive, thriving and kicking it hard in Manitoba.

Last Unity Cup [#2, 2018] was when I was first introduced to Wedding Cake by Unlicensed Producer. A cultivar that certainly adds that shine to such a craft cup and that certain shine too when it silvers up yer eyeballs. Unlicensed Producers’ Wedding cake was a hit then, placing 2nd in the Solvent-Less Extract category and tied for 5th place under the Hybrid Flower category. Thank you Phat Pharmer for bringing this one back and special Cannagratulations for taking it to the next level and placing FIRST PLACE this year with your Wedding Cake. Mmmmmm, Wedding Cake. I wanna grow old with YOU! 🙂

Presenting winners of the Unity Cup #3, 2019;

Flowers Indica:

  • 1st Place: Not James Franco – Ice Cream Cake
  • 2nd Place: Phat Pharmer – Peanut Butter Breath
  • 3rd Place: Phat Pharmer – Coffee Cake

Flowers Hybrid:

  • 1st Place: Phat Pharmer – Wedding Cake
  • 2nd Place: Phat Pharmer – Zombie Kush
  • 3rd Place: Not James Franco – Mandarin Cookies

Flowers Sativa: 

  • 1st Place: Phat Pharmer – Mimosa
  • 2nd Place: Lil Red Barn – Pineapple
  • 3rd Place: Prairie Extracts – Blue Dream


  • 1st Place: Chi Chi Pops Farms – Mendo Breath Rosin
  • 2nd Place: Super Smashed Brothers – Zombie Wedding
  • 3rd Place: Rosin Star – Blue Dream


  • 1st Place: Prairie Extracts – Kona Gold
  • 2nd Place: Kind Selections – Florida
  • 3rd Place: Kind Selections – Lemon Panacotta


  • 1st Place: Ela’s Edibles – FPI Butter Tarts
  • 2nd Place: Ela’s Edibles – FPI Marshmallow Squares
  • 3rd Place: Choice Edibles – Cake Pops

Peoples Choice:

  • Indica – Not James Franco – Ice Cream Cake
  • Hybrid – Not James Franco – Lime OG
  • Sativa – Choice Edibles
  • Edibles – Choice Edibles
  • Solvent – Crash Kings
  • Solventless – Kind Selections
  • Best Booth Winner was Crash Kings

“This event had the support from the community to continue and become Manitoba’s premier Cannabis event and gathering! That’s a real positive  reflection on all those that promote and support this Cup!”

”Lots of pride in that the event continued! Nothing but respect and awe that the event was resurrected from certain death and was a complete success with only 6 short weeks of planning! It’s an honour to see the event continue and succeed! I wish nothing but continued successes to the promoters and event in the future! -Paul [Unity Cup Founder]

Planning for Unity Cup #4, 2020 is already underway with the new category of 2020 Unity Cup Masters Cup in addition. For the 2020 Unity Cup Masters Cup, @OfficialUnityCup will send the same cut to all interested in entering and the final products will be judged accordingly. – @OfficialUnityCup

Here’s to Unity Cup 4, 2020…see you there!

In closing Freedom Wares would like to give a special thanks to Rick from Growers N Smokers, 2 Baked Girls, Chi Chi Pops and Tee Genie of Tumble Rose for their permission to use some of their images for the Unity Collage. Thank you also Tee Genie for the CannaProposal Video footage. <3

This blog is dedicated to Craft Cannabis all over the world.


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