Phoenix Rising Series: Webisode, 1 (The Story of Rick Simpson and RSO) A film by Chris Harrigan

Phoenix Rising: The Story of Rick Simpson and RSO episode 1

Amendment 64
In November 2012, history was made when marijuana was made legal under Colorado law. Known as Amendment 64, the new law was passed with 55% of the votes. It was put into place on 10th December 2012 and it basically states that:
Adults who are 21 and over can grow and possess a limited amount of marijuana for private home use.
Marijuana is now regulated, distributed and taxed a little like alcohol from October 2013
The sale, cultivation and processing of industrial hemp needs to have a permit from the state legislature.
It’s worth noting that there is a limit on the amount of marijuana a person can legally grow and possess at home. This limit is one ounce of marijuana and up to six plants grown at home. It’s also worth noting that Amendment 64 does not relate to the medical use of the drug. There are different laws you need to follow if you’re using marijuana for medical purposes. 
Medical use of marijuana laws
Medicinal cannabis laws fall under Amendment 20. This law was brought into place by 54% of voters on 7th November 2007. It states that approved patients could legally use cannabis providing they have medical written consent. If you’re considered one of the approved patients you can legally possess anything up to two ounces of marijuana. Like Amendment 64, medical patients can grow up to six plants at home. However, only three mature and flowering plants can be present at any one time. 
Depending upon the patients specific medical needs, doctors can argue that more than the legal limit might be needed. There are several conditions that are considered for the use of legal medical marijuana and those include:
Chronic pain
Multiple Sclerosis
If you are an approved medical marijuana patient, you won’t be allowed to use it in public or in plain sight. The cannabis also cannot be provided by a pharmacy; it has to be given by a specialised caregiver. It is available in seeds, in varying strengths and contained within actual food products. 
Understanding Amendment 64
The whole purpose behind Amendment 64 is to help the police focus upon more serious crimes. A lot of manpower was being used tackling adults aged 21 and over who possessed small amounts of marijuana rather than focusing on more violent, serious crimes. There were around 10,000 Colorado residents arrested each year for cannabis related offences. Most of those related to possession. Amendment 64 was brought in to lower this figure and free up police resources.
It is thought that the Amendment 64 will put over $120 million into Colorado’s economy within 5 years of being introduced. 
Overall the legalisation of marijuana for adults aged 21 and over is said to be a huge boost to the state of Colorado. It’s less dangerous than alcohol and it is helping to reduce crime rates in the state. Only time will tell if other states and countries follow suit. Just remember that Amendment 64 does not change the laws for medical cannabis.

PTSD and Medical Marijuana.

Integr8 Dr. Dustin Sulak reviews how cannabis helps patients with PTSD. If you or a loved one suffers from PTSD this video is a must watch!

Post Traumatic Stress and Cannabis: Cody Davis of Virginia 2014

Published on Jul 18, 2014

Cody was United States Navy, attached to 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines out of Camp Le Jeune, NC. He was deployed to Marjah and Sangin, Afghanistan. Cody served from 2008 to 2012. He made it to the rank of E4 before it all came apart.

Cody saw some terrible things. He was asked to do some terrible things…all in the name of duty and country. Cody was a good soldier, but like so many of our troops, he returned damaged, wounded in a way that is not immediately evident. He has Post Traumatic Stress.

Cody found solace in cannabis while still in Afghanistan. It helped him to sleep and soothed the intense headaches that were building toward the inevitable. It wasn’t long after he returned home that the pain became more than he could bare. When pharmaceuticals and medical care left him lacking, he returned to the only thing that helped, cannabis. Unfortunately, the military had little empathy for his condition. Following a dirty drug test, Cody found himself in the brig and later a court martial – twice – for the same offense.

We’re CPN Institute. We’re a national, cannabis educational organization, empowering patients to take a leading role in their healthcare. 
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Marijuana Cures Child’s Seizures

Marijuana has stopped a Colorado child’s seizures stemming from Dravet Syndrome

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Desperate parents turn to pot to help seizure stricken kids

Parents ask lawmakers to consider cannabis oil for medical use

Published on Jul 29, 2014

Parents of epileptic children want lawmakers to consider legalizing cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil only option for young boy dealing with seizures

Published on Jul 28, 2014

Family forced to move to another state in order to get cannabis oil to help young boy with seizures Subscribe to KETV on YouTube now for more:

Childreand Cannabis: Barbara (Nova’s Mom) TXCO 2014

Published on Jul 30, 2014

This is Barbara, Nova Leigh’s Mom. Little Nova has Schizencephaly, a rare birth defect that is characterized by abnormal continuity of grey matter. Nova only has 25% of her brain.

The doctors believe her condition may have been caused by an intrauterine stroke, but no one knows for sure.

Seizures are prevalent with this disorder. Nova’s began not long after her condition was identified. Though she has been on a host of very toxic and dangerous pharmaceuticals, her seizures persist, often even as she sleeps.

Barbara and Nova’s father Joseph have never really had a little girl, not in the normal sense. Nova has just been too sick…too many seizures…too much to see the little girl trapped inside. Unfortunately, conventional medicine offered no hope for this young couple…only more drugs and invasive, further crippling surgeries.

Though it seemed like a longshot, Barbara thought cannabis could bring Nova at least some margin of relief. Facing surgery that would remove most of Nova’s brain, Barbara knew she must act, even if that meant moving her family to Colorado.

We’re CPN Institute. We’re a national, cannabis educational organization, empowering patients to take a leading role in their healthcare. 

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Children seizures and Cannabis: ten days on THC oil 2014

Published on Aug 9, 2014

 It’s been ten days since Barbara started her daughter, Nova Leigh, on THC cannabis oil. Ten days without a seizure. When one did come, another dose of the oil and it stopped almost immediately.

Barbara’s daughter, Nova Leigh, suffers from a rare birth defect called Shizencehaly. She was also born without a thyroid and only 25% of her brain developed.

Everyone told Barbara that cannabis could not possibly help Nova, but it did. 
Here is Barbara’s account of the ten days following cannabis oil therapy.

We’re CPN Institute. We’re a national, cannabis educational organization, empowering patients to take a leading role in their healthcare. 

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—->**99x reductions in seizures

“… and my daughter is alive and well at this very moment and as far as I’m concerned, every moment on basic cannabis oil. If I had any doubts before, they have diminished. Cannabis oil saved my daughter’s life. If you have a loved one who is suffering, take it from this 21 year old, once unseasoned, but completely self taught Mother, whos eyes are now opened. Just a regular person from regular old Texas that never in a million years would have dreamt I’d be writing this today, don’t wait. You’ve got to go for it, but the view from the top is oh so sweet and worth it a million times over…”

Rethink Cannabis: Brian Stewart

Published on Jun 25, 2014

An interview with Brian Stewart about treating his skin cancer with Cannabis topicals. Pro Plant Ware and The Cannabinoid Chronicles are working to raise awareness about the science of medical cannabis. Our goal is to encourage the world to Rethink Cannabis.

Brian Stewart is a 2004 Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee ( ), with over 4 decades of racing experience. 
After the doctor raised issue to him losing his ear due to skin cancer, he chose a less invasive and far more natural method to shrink the growth behind his ear and beat his cancer.

😉 FW

Cannabis Killed My Terminal Stage IV Lung Cancer

Published on Oct 30, 2014

“Hi Everyone!

This is my first time making a YouTube, I got a bit nervous & emotional but my intent is to give others HOPE, so please overlook my mistakes & delivery.

My Story in brief: (Book to follow)

Monday 16th December 2013 I had been complaining of a small niggling pain on my left side around my ribs for a few days but nothing too bad. I’d had an hour massage on the previous Friday so I thought that I was just feeling the after effects of that. As the days went on when I took a big deep breath I did have slight pain on my left side. So I got it checked out.

On Thursday 19th December 2013 an ED Doctor found a mass on my left lung after a chest X-Ray this was quickly followed by CT with contrast. 

The ED Doctor came out & motioned for us to come into her office & sit down not saying a word. She opened the conversation with I’m so very sorry…..what?? I’m so very sorry. There appears to be a sizable mass in your left lung – what? What is it? Have you ever smoked? What? No? Never! The look on the Doctors face said it all. There seemed to be silence, just her looking at me & time seemed to be slowed down somehow. She kept saying sorry, sorry to give you this news so close to Christmas. What? She said she has contacted a Respiratory Registrar to come down to see me to book in for a biopsy of the mass. My head was spinning! I recall saying a number of times, what? No? What? I don’t smoke, I never have, what? Well we can remove it right? What? It’s like I could hear myself saying the same thing over & over but I couldn’t stop. But I’m so healthy. What? No?
It really did feel like she was talking about someone else. It didn’t feel real. I was thinking to myself, it will be fine, Doctors will operate & take it out somehow, and it will be fine. 

But it wasn’t fine. After several attempts to biopsy the tumour, finally on Monday 13th January 2014 the Doctors were able to get a sample via a CT guided chest/lung biopsy through my back. The X-Ray taken 4 hours after to check the lung, showed a minor haemorrhage around the left lung mass & as a bonus they managed to give me a pneumothorax (partially collapsed lung).
Wednesday 15th January we got the results, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (adenocarcinoma) & a PET SCAN was booked to see if it had spread. As I was a non-smoker the Doctors were convinced that the lung would not be my primary.

Friday 17th January 2014 – PET SCAN. The lung was the primary, 5cm mass, 2 lymph nodes in the chest & one in the base of the neck, fluid around my heart, and cancer in the pleura or lining of the lung. The Doctors told me as it had spread to the lining of my lung & lymph nodes they classified me as stage IV Terminal Lung Cancer with a prognosis of 6-9mth to live.

Thursday 30th January 2014 1st chemo (5hrs)
Thursday 6th February 2014 2nd Chemo (1hour)
Friday 14th February 2014 we found out that the biopsy taken was EGFR positive mutation, so no more chemo, yah!

Thursday 20th February 2014 start TARCEVA 150mg tablets (Erlotinib)

Tuesday 25th February 2014 start juicing heaps of fresh cannabis leaves

Wednesday 26th February 2014 my Husband cooked 1st batch of cannabis oil

Sunday 20th April 2014 my Husband cooked 2nd batch of cannabis oil 

Tuesday 22nd April 2014 we received cannabis oil from an experienced Medical Cannabis activist that was prepared to help 

Tuesday 20th May 2014 we started experimenting with suppositories & eventually by mixing .5ml of organic coconut oil with .5ml cannabis oil in a 1ml syringe just straight up & in we call it ‘the backdoor method’. I believe that this was our break through & also with this method I experienced no ‘high’ & was able to have the full 1ml of cannabis oil per day as what was recommended for an aggressive cancer.

Wednesday 3rd September 2014 PET scan Conclusion: complete metabolic response. Residual non-FDG avid scar tissue in the left upper lobe corresponding to the site of the previously intense FDG avid primary malignancy. NO CANCER!!!

Yes, there is a lot more detail that I could go into but this is just a quick look at my year so far. I hope it helps someone if so, please let me know.

My Husband & I would like to thank all the amazing people from around the world that helped us on a Facebook Group Site called ‘Cannabis Oil Success Stories’. These people taught us all we know & helped save my life.
Also very helpful websites & BIG thankyou to:-
www.United Patient
www.Firebird Touch
www.chrisbeatcancer .com (for good nutrient & other advice)

Remember happiness is a choice…………..choose every day to be H A P P Y!”

Marijuana in Japan

While the West carrys on its steady course towards legalisation, piggy backing on the ever-increasing awareness of marijuana’s medicinal properties, Japan’s cannabis laws remain steadfastly harsh. However, a recently discovered loophole allows for the non psychoactive compound, CBD, to be imported and consumed within Japan. CBD which has numerous health benefits is extracted from the stalk of the plant, whereas Japanese law only forbids use of the plant’s leaves and flowers. 

Shirasaka, head member of Taima Houdou Center, a legalisation group and advocate for medicinal cannabis, and the man who discovered the CBD loophole is currently awaiting trial for marijuana possession but plans to fight his case on the basis of cannabis’s remarkable therapeutic properties. We went to visit Shirasaka as he prepares for his trial. We also visit terminally ill cancer patient, POP, a woman to claims CBD has helped her live years beyond her prognosis, and witness a family with a severely epileptic child try CBD for the first time with incredible results.


Canada’s Medical Marijuana Program Is Hurting Patients: Canadian Cannabis (Episode 3)

Published on Sep 14, 2014

Click here to watch Weediquette: STONED MOMS:

In this episode, we visit with young and old medical marijuana patients in Vancouver and Toronto to chat about how they’re unable to receive affordable access to the types of cannabis medications that relieve their very serious symptoms. We also take a few of our new friends to Mega Ill, Canada’s one-and-only medical-marijuana-infused pizza parlor.

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Mike Cutler’s Medical Cannabis Testimony

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Cannabis (CBD Hemp Oil) Saves Infants Life – Science of Weed

Published -2014
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Check out Sadie, an 11-month-old baby suffering from 300 seizures per day. She was given Cannabidiol (CBD). What happened next blew my mind. Grab a Kleenex and watch…

Sadie is an 11-month-old baby, struggling with 200-300 daily chronic seizures. Nothing had been working for her, until she received a CBD extract, a safe and effective component of the marijuana plant. Unlike the familiar THC of marijuana, CBD has no psychoactive properties.

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Join The Movement: We are at the tipping point of changing the perception of marijuana as an illegal drug. To stop being known as a narcotic and start being known as a medicine. We are taking the leading edge doctors/researchers and the scientifically proven facts that exist RIGHT NOW, and presenting them clearly and simply to create an understanding so that anyone can make a new decision grounded in logic and science.

Watch this video and share this video so we can let science decide.

Sadie is just an example of so many other children that can find safe and effective treatment to seizures, as a replacement to pharmaceutical drugs (watch for how puffy she is from being pumped full of steroids).

We are asking you help us make this video go viral, to bring awareness to the plant-based medicine that is being denied people because of a misconception of marijuana.

You will also bring attention to our documentary, “Science of Weed,” which will help us bring to the public the awareness of the science that studies these conditions and their remedies. This will propel the conversation for making this kind of holistic treatment available for everyone, especially our children.

Copy the message below with the URL and pass it onto everyone you consider to be a friend…because that’s what friends do.

Many heartfelt thanks,

The Science of Weed Team
James Schmachtenberger
Lindsey Ward
James Sol Radina
Jason Brett
Christian Minson

We have secured a special 35% Off for the month of August at with the Coupon Code: HEMPNOW35

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Check out Sadie, an 11-month-old baby suffering from 300 seizures per day. She was given Cannabidiol (CBD). What happened next blew my mind. Grab a Kleenex and watch…–3g…

Thank you!

Cannabis oil and 4 stage primary liver cancer

Our journey with life, cancer and cannabis oil. 
For more information and what else we are doing please go to our website

Applications of Cannabinoids in Oncology | M. Guzman

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