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 From Chris Harrigan, the man who brought you Crazy A Phoenix Tears Story…

Another great documentary about Rick’s old friends from Canada, who are still doing great work for the cannabis extract movement. The film… titled

~Healing Cancer with Cannabis: The Rick Simpson Story

Healing Cancer with Cannabis: The Rick Simpson Story

..what a long strange trip it’s been


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American Drug War: The Last White Hope 1 (Pre Released Cut).

AMERICAN DRUG WAR 2: Cannabis Destiny (30 second trailer) ^

American Drug War 2 Exclusive Preview #2 Discovering Cannabis Oil ^

American Drug War 2 Exclusive Preview #3 Cannabis As a Cancer Cure ^

American Drug War 2 Exclusive Preview #4 The Drug Cartels ^



Review by Robert Wilson former writer for E-TV Talk Soup 

With American Drug War 2: Cannibis Destiny, filmmaker  Kevin Booth again takes aim at the political machinations between government and commerce.  However, this time the message is even more personal.

American Drug War 2’s launching pad is the November 2012 elections, a watershed moment in Marijuana history.  Both Colorado and Washington state voters deemed pot to be legal for recreational usage. Furthermore, more states voted to make weed legal for medical use.  However, one state, Montana, elected to rescind its medical Marijuana law. How one Northwest state (Washington) could vote to make pot totally legal while another (Montana) pulls back demonstrates a real disconnect in this country.

The film delves into a number of Marijuana-related subjects:  The medical Marijuana movement; the testing of cannabinoids as cancer-fighting agents, automated pot dispensing machines, hemp soap makers who have to buy their hemp from Canada because the United States is the one western country that doesn’t allow American farmers to grow it. (alas, even China permits it); even a primer about how to grow your own medical Marijuana. Booth also takes his cameras across the border to Juarez, Mexico to show how drug cartels bring about many more casualties in the drug war.

Booth makes some of his best points when bringing up the issue of the proliferation of mind-altering and legal drugs produced by the pharmaceutical companies.  Why does the federal government continue to hide behind its “protecting the children” mask when it rationalizes keeping pot illegal while allowing a record number of kids be dosed up on much more powerful pharmaceutical drugs? The answer isn’t surprising. The pharmaceutical lobby carries a lot of water. Much more than the Marijuana reformers.

Furthermore, the film delves into the use of prescription drugs by foster children who are 13 times more likely to be prescribed mind-altering drugs. Why is that? Money, of course. Booth and his wife, Trae, describe their own personal experience in the foster system when they wanted to become foster parents. The scenes featuring their own foster child are not dogmatic but rather deliver points on a micro and personal level.

ADW2 also follows the story of Cash Hyde, a two-year-old boy from Montana who suffers from a brain tumor. When traditional chemotherapy fails, Cash’s father turns to cannabis oil with surprising results. Without giving too much away, the story of Cash is what really gives the film its emotional heft.  Indeed, it delivers a message that a hundred talking heads could not do.

Booth presents his argument that Marijuana is still illegal because cops want overtime, drug cartels want bigger profits and certain federal enforcement agencies make a lot of money from the drug war. However, Booth doesn’t simply push an agenda. He gives time to opposing viewpoints from key people involved in the drug war.

Whether Booth is interviewing people who are trying to legalize Marijuana for their own business interests or those who want to keep it illegal for primarily the same reason, he keeps the film moving at a good pace.

ADW2 is not easy film to watch at times but these unsettling scenes are what really gives the film its soul.  Every war has collateral damage and Booth doesn’t pull punches in presenting it here.

You don’t have to be a pot smoker (or a former one) to appreciate this film. All you need is a desire to learn how the drug war isn’t always in the best interests of the American people.

Will American Drug War 2 lead to real change in public policy? Most likely, it won’t. Politicians tend to stay away from independent documentaries, usually because they’re too busy with their hands down the pants of lobbyists. However, the film will lead to more discussion about Marijuana reform. And that is a good thing.

what if we found a cure for cancer and we ignored it fb3

The producers of the film Kevin & Trae Booth and Brian Patterson have worked with LEAP since 2007 and have spent three years working on this film. We believe that the sobering message of “American Drug War 2″ will be a LEAP recruiting tool for many years to come.

The producers need the help of all our LEAP members to ensure this film gets the attention it deserves Here is a link of the cities the film is currently booked to play on June 6th and each screening will be co-hosted by a LEAP speaker.

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“Well, if no one’s in prison for possession, why do we arrest 860,000 Americans a year? If we’re not putting them in prison, why are we arresting them? Just to extract the money out of them? As far as I’m concerned, Prohibition is Welfare for Law Enforcement” ~Dr. Robert J. Melamede, PhD.


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Welcome to the new “American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny” producer blog!

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