Terminal Cancer Patient Charles Witt – Medical Marijuana Testimony

On August 4, 2009, Charles “Chuck” Witt, and a few other patients from AAC – Apothecary’s Assistants Collective, went to the city council meeting to try and prevent the city of Signal Hill from closing the collective in the next day or two…

We stopped them from closing us that week, but within a few months we moved very close-by in Long Beach – a much more progressive city, and where I live and do my art. 

A Very Sad Note: 

Our collective member and terminal cancer patient Charles “Chuck” Witt, who appears in this video, passed away at 10:30pm on October 30, 2009 – less than three months after this city council meeting. We miss him very much…

Our collective provided free medicine to Mr. Witt, and we will be setting up a Terminal Patient Fund in his honor to keep providing free medicine to our terminal patients.

More information about this will be posted on our website at aacollective.com once plans are finalized

Until later, best of health,
Jon, onehumanbeing

You can find posts about the story her

e on the AAC website…

A Little Tuesday Night Social Activism: 

Photos From Our Visual Demonstration at City Hall:

note on video quality:
This video was made from a video capture from the Signal Hill city website, where you can find the complete meeting video: http://cityofsignalhill.granicus.com/…

…you can find this clip around the 1 hour 12 minute point.

Cannabis kills cancer – Lab proof

Me and Cancer-The Cannabis Oil Cure

Me and Cancer-The Cannabis Oil Cure

In 2011 a group of friends cured me of my terminal liver and bowel cancers using a similar method to ‘Rick Simpson cannabis oil therapy’. This short video is an ode to them. Please thumbs up and spread the good word!

Any copyrighted material used in this video is for non-profit purposes, educational or awareness. All audio/visual content is copyright to its respectful owners.

Cannabis Oil Treatment~Shrinking Inoperable Masses~3 Month Update~

3 month update video- shrinking several inoperable masses on my thyroid with an all natural, non-toxic,D.I.Y. cannabis oil extract treatment.

Parkinson’s Patient Finds Better Quality of Life with Medical Cannabis

David has been a medical marijuana patient ever since his primary physician recommended he try it, and has experienced a much better quality of life.

Currently, there are efforts to close down all access point for David to get the medicine he needs and he recently pleaded with the San Bernardino City Council to lift their ban on medical cannabis dispensing centers and regulate his medicine. 

Since then, the City of San Bernardino has raided several dispensaries and vows to push people like David back on more pills, or back to the streets.

By calling elected officials in your community, you can help protect a patient today by ensuring they have save access to life-saving medicine. 

And by calling David’s elected officials, you can help make sure he has safe access to the medicine he needs!

The Endocannabinoid System | Part 1 of 5 |

Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time | EducationIn this first in a five part series, Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time expresses on the importance of education regarding our own endogenous Endocannabinoid System.

The Endocannabinoid System | Part 2 of 5 | Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time |Balance

In this first in a five part series, Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time expresses on the importance of education regarding our own endogenous Endocannabinoid System.

The Endocannabinoid System | Part 3 of 5 | Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time | Synergy

In this first in a five part series, Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time expresses on the importance of education regarding our own endogenous Endocannabinoid System.

The Endocannabinoid System | Part 4 of 5 | Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time | The Children

In this first in a five part series, Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time expresses on the importance of education regarding our own endogenous Endocannabinoid System.

The Endocannabinoid System | Part 5 of 5 | Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time | Your Doctor

In this first in a five part series, Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time expresses on the importance of education regarding our own endogenous Endocannabinoid System.

Amy Jo Clark – Cannabis Oil Cure

Another testimony about the healing effects of the Rick Simpson Hemp (Cannabis) Oil (RSO).

Cannabis Oil effectiveness on my Pulmonary Fibrosis

– Test Results are in Feeling so overwhelmed I’m totally numb. Thank you everyone so much for your kind words and support.

Hemp Oil Cures Cancer

A testimony by Joe speaking about the healing powers of concentrated cannabis oil while at Uncle Pete’s Cannabis Camp in June 2012.
 Joe was my first cancer patient in the medical marijuana program. He was searching for an alternative to modern medicine and I, Grow Goddess, was searching for a cancer patient that was willing to try cannabis oil, also known as Rick Simpson Oil. We both wanted to see if this concentrated cannabis oil would really cure cancer. In the fall of 2011 we were able to make a connection, filed all of the proper forms with the state for me to be his caregiver, and started the treatment right away. Approximately 5 months later Joe was cancer free! He is now providing himself his own medicine and is a caregiver for other medical marijuana patients. He is also teaching others how to make the healing hemp oil. I give thanks to God for all that He provides.

Mary Lynn Mathre at The Silver Tour

Mary Lynn Mathre of Patients Out of Time speaks at The Silver Tour regarding the endocannabinoid system, cannabis and the science behind the benefits.

Medical Marijuana Patient Testimonial: Annie Noel

This testimonial was brought to you by CMMR – Coloradans for Medical Marijuana Regulation. To find out more information on medical marijuana regulation in Colorado, please visit: http://www.commr.org

Annie Noel, a former truck driver, was severely injured in a major accident. They sent the coroner out to scrape me off the road, she said, and later her doctor told her she would never walk again. 

But Annie went through intense rehabilitation and never gave up. Today, she can walk and is an active member of her church and her community. The one thing that helps my pain more than anything else is medical marijuana.

Marijuana Treatment for Autistic Children

Marijuana Treatment for Autistic Children Dr. Travis Stork: — to save to life especially the life of your children. Is there anything you wouldn’t do to keep them alive? The mom in that video, Mieko is here with us today and you know Mieko you’ve been in the middle of a media firestorm and obviously become such a proponent for anything that will help your son what has been the hardest part in all of this for you? Mieko: I have opened the door to a whole new alternative treatment that has been successful with my son. Dr. Jim Sears: Mieko in addition Joey doubling his weight because of this treatment, did you also notice some other positive changes? Mieko: Joey has had an awakening and that is truly what has happened to my son.

MM411 Patient Glen

Transcription to follow:
My name is Glen. About 18 months ago Geon Barrette syndrome which is an autoimmune deficiency that your body basically short circuits your immune system, turns on your own body, and it eats away at the coverings of all the nerves in your body. I was at UCI for 2 and half months, I was in ICU for 5 weeks, paralyzed for 2 weeks. I’ve got a lot of nerve damage in my feet and I get a lot of problems with that. Usually when I go to bed, I get a lot of sharp nerve pains and stuff like that. And being able to use the medicine actually helps me to sleep and relax and not worry about it so much. When I was in the hospital I was on a lot of medication they had me on a lot of vicodine because he wanted me to relieve the nerve pain at night. I didn’t like taking a lot of pills. I didn’t like taking 6 vicodine a day. And when I got out of the hospital I was on twelve different kinds of medications, and when I first got out of the hospital I was like, I don’t want to take pills five times a day. You know, a handful of pills five times a day, it was horrible. And so I wanted to do whatever I could to get away from all that kind of pharmaceuticals and stuff. And this has really helped out. Being I was in the hospital for a while and a lot of the physical limitations that I have now, depression still has a tendency to set in, and the medical marijuana helps with that too.

Wanda James Patient Story

Transcription to follow:
My name is Wanda James and I have a very bad hip that requires cortisone shots in the muscle at least once a month to stop the pain and keep the spasms from happening. And when I’m on my legs or I’m standing the entire day, the spasms continually run down my hip and trough out my back. We have found that with the use of cannabis when I go to bed at night, I am able to sleep through the night with out feeling those spasms. And so then I have been able to reduce the amount of cortisone shots that I have to take. My husband has a herniated disk. And as a chef he is up all day. His pain is so severe, he became a patient when he opened up his medicine cabinet on day and he had the pain medication for his back pain, the back pain then caused symptoms of nausea for him so he had medication for that. Which then caused symptoms of sleeplessness, which means he got an Ambien prescription. So it just became prescription after prescription after prescription. And he opened up his cabinet, he says I’m 45 years old, this is ridiculous. So he uses cannabis to relieve his back pain the same way as I do and sleep through the night restfully. What we find from this that they had him on Ambien for a short period. And he found that he was sleep walking all the time. I would find him in various places in the house and different things. He finally asked his doctor about it, and one of the big warnings about Ambien is what you can do in your sleep. There are stories like this that go on and on and on. Were not so trustful of Phizer and these companies anymore. And just because they put a disclaimer at the bottom, they feel like it’s ok to give you things that they know are going to make you do things that are unhealthy for you. When there is a natural way, a natural way to fall asleep, when there is a natural way to stop muscle spasms, when there is a natural way to alleviate sever back pain, when there is a natural way to quell nausea from chemo therapy, there is a natural way to increase your appetite if you are suffering from HIV AIDS or cancer. There is just a natural way to do this. And to me, being able to take something that is God given and grown here on this planet that is not touched by human hands, is the best way to do that. And that’s why this is important to us. We had a dispensary for a very long time, almost a year we had our dispensary. Our patients we are still very close to, they have participated in our focus groups for Simply Pure. We have HIV patients, we have a woman who has bladder cancer and she’ll talk about how this allows her to continue to be a mother to her two small children while she goes trough chemotherapy. To be able to have dinner with you family, to relax with your family, giving people back a quality of life is amazing. With no side effects, unbelievable, unbelievable.

Medical Marijuana Helps Beverly’s Neck Pain From a Car Accident

Transcription to follow:
I’m Beverly Mather. I was in a bad car accident first of all. And then after that I was developing neck pain. The next thing you know I was going to see chiropractors. And then to get relief you have to see a psychiatrist to get a heaver, like a Valium or something, it was getting ridiculous, I wanted to get out of the pain, and because of the pain I was getting stressed out. Everyday problems at home became too much. So, I started to go to the doctors, play their games just to get the medicine. But what I found out, I could come here; I can come here and get the medication, smoke a couple of puffs. I don’t have to smoke a whole joint, I can take a couple puffs ’cause this stuff is really good and then I’m good to go. I can rest the neck, or I can actually get up and doing things. Like playing with my corn, I have to tie it up. And then my strawberries, and natural things. Now that I have choices to go too, I’m doing really good.

Medical Marijuana Helps Sandra Treat Multiple Conditions

Sandra has been using medical marijuana to treat several conditions and it has helped her to reduce the amount of opiates and has increased her quality of life in a myriad of ways. She has astonished her doctors, and with the help of her husband and sons has come to find hope once again in her life.

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