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Man Treats Multiple Sclerosis With medical Marijuana

Justin Loizos Treats Multiple Sclerosis With medical ijuana. See the effects of cannabis first hand, unedited, on Parkinsons tremor dyskinesia, and voice. This clip is from the feature documentary Ride with Larry and shows retired police captain. Greg uses marijuana for his disease Multiple Sclerosis and ataxia sufferer. The clip is taken from the documentary – The Union. Montel Williams and John Stossel discuss the medical efficacy of marijuana and the stance of the DEA. Other Sources: Montel Williams Starts Medical Cannabis Company for MS and Other Chronic.

Cannabis Changed This Autistic Toddler’s Life Forever

Jonathan Jr | Patient Chronicles The story of Jonathan J; An autistic boy whose parents, Tavi & Jonathan, treat symptoms with cannabis oil. The remarkable true story of how two parents at wit’s end found the answer to their problems through CBD.

I Tried Medical Marijuana For My Chronic Pain

Veterans Fighting To Smoke Weed For PTSD (HBO)

Illegally Alive (2017) Full Movie | Official Release

“Illegally Alive” is a documentary that follows the journey of several families with children who are suffering from debilitating or life-threatening illnesses. Having sacrificed everything, families are migrating to Colorado in search of a cure.

Meet Ashleigh Brown and listen to her experience in the benefits of reducing epileptic seizures with the use of cannabis. 

Join the discussion in her empowering group, SheCann: Legal Medical Cannabis Empowering Canadian Women.

– Video courtesy of: Natural Health Services

This is how fast cannabis oil stops a seizure.

We moved to Maine so we could legally make the only medicine that controls and stops our son Stefan’s seizures. (The alarm you hear halfway through the video is his seizure monitor) Stefan uses CBD twice a day, but this particular oil is THC I’m rubbing into his gums.

– Peter Starostecki

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