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End Prohibition, DEschedule and bring on THeCure

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 End Prohibition, DEschedule and bring on THeCure


  “In the late 1980s Scientists would discover the Endocannabinoid System,within the Human Body,now this would lay waste to claims for decades that Cannabinoids had no beneficial purpose for Human consumption.”~William Martin


…many Humans of ALL ages, ALL around the World are struggling with serious, and life threatening health problems of too many varieties.  Big Pharma just happens to have a pill,patch, or otherwise for almost everything,..with no real cure for anything though, huh?...yep,Big Pharma & friends have always had a pretty good financial history.  None of them are ever losing their shirts in any big way(unlike their patients/customers/targets),…and thats been the history too,,.. as long as Humans stay sick without THeCure, Humans will fall prey to these types of salespeople or “Sickness & DEAth for profit” business’, & **”their” agents, which in return make loads of money off of gambling on the failing & poor health of other Humans.

With so many pills,   & no real cures, just “treatments” & “treating symptoms” etc etc in the history of big pharmacy, what is to be of their future, as the rest of the Human Race Rises, and wakes up,to realize with real eyes, the real lies…knowing full well that all health problems are problems which reveal Endocannabinoid dysfunction/impairment/deficiencies etc..,..including cancer, but not limited to cancer,..and as far as cancer goes,…the US government has known since 1974 that Cannabinoids can kill horrible scourges such as cancers.

Still trust em all?…. I mean they’ve known about natural cannabinoids,but can’t make money off nature’s cannabinoids, hence **”their” patent on cannabinoids (Patent# US6630507,..2003)…


  …so with **”their” greedy & synthetic hearts(just like synthetic pharmacopia being pushed on the Human Race), and no souls, they market Human health with anything that suits **”their” Mega-Profit Margin(s),…but how much longer will this go on before Babylon done fall down??. 

In past history, there has been great success for Humans with ancient medicine such as Indian Hemp/Cannabis,…and Cannabis extracts(nothing new here),..and for many,many,many Human health conditions too.

There was also far less cancer too,…anyone remember??.

But hey, many sheep….just’d prefer to stay with thee herd and don’t dare stray… always staying tuned for every beauty pageant,..the latest commercials, and the next new & improved pill,…coming soon,you know the drill go see your drug dealer,…ooops I mean Drug store or Affiliated Clinic/Doctor,…and the first times almost always free at the “office”( know those huge free-sample boxes, with maybe only 2 or 4 pills actually in them fancy packages,where they’ve spent more money on the packaging & marketing, than actually protecting or preserving the health of the Human Race!……sooo, like you know, just watch t.v,talk to sheeple find out what the others are telling them to think, buy, or do….and they’ll dispense it to you,…also just ask your doctor,…OK??? (pay no attention to the money trails)…oh, and don’t ever buck the system! ;)’~bahahaha!~NOT!!

Really though,’re on your own to if/when you fall victim to any FDA drug recalls, oooops…hmmm they approve the drugs that they recall?,…..does this all seem somewhat extra strange & “marketed” to you?…all while knowing Humans are still very much suffering, and dying,…and even, when that “time” comes,…and we reach that “Magic hour”,…the system  pharmacologically  bomb$ patients,milking some of the last of a Human’s Earthly monetary/material value …and when we have reached that final “Magic-Hour”….generally  speaking they pump you full of MORE harmful AND ONLY PATENTED #synthetic derivatives of opium like Morphine (last sale) to “make you a little more comfortable”…right?….~sigh~

These should be the days of miracles and wonder, what with all we could/should be learning,….but they are not telling us everything….they(the so-called powers that be) are holding this information captive for as long as they can….so don’t believe **”their” hype folks, this information has been hidden from us for the System’s own benefit with all it’s greedy cohorts and selfish indulgengences included.

This kind suffering and death of humans is in many ways very inhumane, and in my eyes, I consider this to be be a form/tool of genocide…these terrible hardships will continue unless we help other Humans “shake” their cognative dissonance off and become proper Ambassadors of truth and pledge to Unite in Good Faith, continually educating ourselves & others around us in the process of sharing & spreading these Truth(s) already out there, which we already know,… and add new(er) developing discoveries & rediscoveries along the way, too,…as we never stop learning.

Very often Humans,for various reasons(though typically the wrong ones: ie: fame & money) hog the truth and other information as if it were their own(this is WRONG)… this is part of why this problem has been around us for so long…till now.

>There IS an Awakening going on(..but you already know that,..right)

Look at the health problems alone in the World, then follow the money trails. This seems more like a “Poor health & NO care, with DEAth for profit System” to me.

I have heard Mr. Hyde explain it well, when he mentions the truth on cancer alone being a flipping terrorist…if ya’ got close to 7 minutes,..please check out  Mr. Hyde’s topic related,and excellent three thumbs up

message below:(Thank You Mr. Hyde and Family)


…Well, see who is arming & funding this terrorist?… follow the money trails,.. including the LARGE profit margins.

So folks, ain’t it time we placed the THC back into healTHCare,.. or even better yet,.. just thinking… of this now as I blog~~thanks be to Cannabinoids  O’course~truth…..howsabout just putting the HEAL back into Healthcare by accepting the ancient  medicinal history of Indian Hemp/Cannabis, it’s  truth, while continually learning & globally sharing truths and the developing  truths of The Endocannabinoid System(ECS),Cannabis/Cannabinoids,… as well as thee many benefits of Cannabinoids for Humans, or really all mammals everywhere,…while at the same time FULLY Awakening to the very real fact as Telly Savalas was known to say: “who loves ya baby”,.. and shining a light on, and exposing the elite, the governments all over their world,the federal agents,FDA,Big-Pharma, & the many other affiliated  cohort$ who are keeping this medicine(Cannabis) out of the general public’s hands all over the world.

…as a result,Humans all over the World more and more, in growing numbers are taking their Health and the Health of loved ones into their own hands to care for, and taking “healthcare” away from the ones that profit from it….and rightly so, for obvious reasons.


…let us be Angel, learn/relearn discover/rediscover & share truths of thee Natural & Blessed Indian Hemp/Cannabis plant,…why??,..because our DNA NEEDS THC(…and THCA,THCV,CBD,CBDA,CBC,CBG,…well really thee complete full spectrum of all available NATURAL Cannabinoids!!!) ~Truth…  O:)

cannabis speech2

Now(more than ever) is the time to get more involved with our Nature, including Cannabinoids & the Endocannabinoid System.

Hmmm,..Endocannabinoid System.

Endo…meaning,.. inside, or from within.

Cannabinoids,..being The chemical compounds that are the active principles in Cannabis….however put the Endo to the Cannabinoids, we now have:…

…Endocannabinoids: a Fatty acid derivatives within our own bodies that have specificity for Cannabinoid Receptors.

…whats a Cannabinoid Receptor?

Cannabinoid Receptors: are a class of G-Protein-Coupled Receptors that are specific for Cannabinoids such as those derived from Cannabis. They also bind a structurally distinct class of endogenous factors referred to as Endocannabinoids.

The cannabinoid receptor type 1, often abbreviated as CB1[{CB(1) (2.1: CBD:1:CB1:), cloned in 1990}], is a G protein-coupled cannabinoid receptor primarily located in the central and peripheral nervous system. It is activated by the endocannabinoid neurotransmitters anandamide and 2-arachidonoyl glyceride (2-AG); by plant cannabinoids, such as the compound THC, an active ingredient of the psychoactive drug cannabis; and by synthetic analogues of THC, such as cesamet(nabilone), dronabinol(Marinol).

The cannabinoid receptor type 2, abbreviated as CB2[{CB(2) (2.1:CBD:2:CB2:), cloned in 1993}], is a G protein-coupled receptor from the cannabinoid receptor family that in humans is encoded by the CNR2 gene.[1][2] It is closely related to the cannabinoid receptor type 1, which is largely responsible for the efficacy of endocannabinoid-mediated presynaptic-inhibition, the psychoactive properties of tetrahydrocannabinol, the active agent in marijuana,and other phytocannabinoids.[1][3] The principal endogenous ligand for the CB2 receptor is 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG).[2]

CB2 was cloned in 1993 by a research group from Cambridge looking for a second cannabinoid receptor that could explain the pharmacological properties of tetrahydrocannabinol.[1] The receptor was identified among cDNAs based on its similarity in amino-acid sequence to the cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) receptor, discovered in 1990.[4] The discovery of this receptor helped provide a molecular explanation for the established effects of cannabinoids on the immune system.





The existence of additional cannabinoid receptors has long been suspected, due to the actions of compounds such as abnormal cannabidiol that produce cannabinoid-like effects on blood pressure and inflammation, yet do not activate either CB1 or CB2.[14][15][16] Recent research strongly supports the hypothesis that the N-arachidonoyl glycine (NAGly) receptor GPR18 is the molecular identity of the abnormal cannabidiol receptor and additionally suggests that NAGly, the endogenous lipid metabolite of anandamide (also known as arachidonoylethanolamide or AEA), initiates directed microglial migration in the CNS through activation of GPR18.[17] Other molecular biology studies have suggested that the orphan receptor GPR55 should in fact be characterised as a cannabinoid receptor, on the basis of sequence homology at the binding site. Subsequent studies showed that GPR55 does indeed respond to cannabinoid ligands.[9][18] This profile as a distinct non-CB1/CB2 receptor that responds to a variety of both endogenous and exogenous cannabinoid ligands, has led some groups to suggest GPR55 should be categorized as the CB3 receptor, and this re-classification may follow in time.[19] However this is complicated by the fact that another possible cannabinoid receptor has been discovered in the hippocampus, although its gene has not yet been cloned,[20] suggesting that there may be at least two more cannabinoid receptors to be discovered, in addition to the two that are already known. GPR119 has been suggested as a fifth possible cannabinoid receptor.[21]

Cannabinoid receptors are activated by cannabinoids, generated naturally inside the body (endocannabinoids) or introduced into the body as cannabis or a related synthetic compound.

After the receptor is engaged, multiple intracellular signal transduction pathways are activated. At first, it was thought that cannabinoid receptors mainly inhibited the enzyme adenylate cyclase (and thereby the production of the second messenger molecule cyclic AMP), and positively influenced inwardly rectifying potassium channels (=Kir or IRK).[22] However, a much more complex picture has appeared in different cell types, implicating other potassium ion channels, calcium channels, protein kinase A and C, Raf-1, ERK, JNK, p38, c-fos, c-jun and many more.[22]

Separation between the therapeutically undesirable psychotropic effects, and the clinically desirable ones, however, has not been reported with agonists that bind to cannabinoid receptors. THC, as well as the two major endogenous compounds identified so far that bind to the cannabinoid receptors —anandamide and 2-arachidonylglycerol (2-AG)— produce most of their effects by binding to both the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. While the effects mediated by CB1, mostly in the central nervous system, have been thoroughly investigated, those mediated by CB2 are not equally well defined.

  …thank YOU for your time