We are not only inspired but thankful and appreciative of Georgia Toons for her continual work in expressing thoughtful honest views, awareness and education through the creation of her cartoons. Growing up, I admit it, I used cartoons recreationally but I also benefitted from a medicinal side of cartoons in dealing with certain aspects of my life. In some cases cartoons became educational whether recreational or not. 😉  Some years ago, I began to note Georgia’s cartooning. Freedom Wares has been blessed to have Georgia’s permission to use her cartoons on our wee site. Georgia’s creations gives us strong GeorgiaToonspiration.
If you haven’t checked out her toons yet, you really should. You can “Like” her Facebook page and visit it from here too, —> Georgia Toons – Facebook Page  and you can find her website from here —>Georgia Toons cartoonist – Blah, Blah, Blog.
Did you know that Georgia has had 2 cards printed by Hallmark?

GT stand up for what you believe in Not only is Georgia a creative and colourful advocate but she is also a CannaPatient as well as a loving CannaMom to her son, Storm.

See: Storms story cropped header site

“Walk with me for a while, my friend—you in my shoes, I in yours—and then let us talk.”
– Richelle E. Goodrich

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Just another sweet “toon” keeps “Georgia on my mind”

Me& living with TN & Hemi facial spasm from Georgia Toons on Vimeo.
“This is what I am dealing with, constantly.
Trigeminal neuralgia attacks – daily & semi facial spasm. No confirmed diagnoses as to what is causing this condition. It is a daily struggle – as the day goes on exhaustion also adds to the list from the constant twitch, interruptions and pain.
Please try to not judge others – when they are already dealing with an illness, LIVING with it.
Awareness for trigeminal neuralgia & cannabis awareness for pain and depression management with this condition.”

Life with trigeminal neuralgia from Georgia Toons on Vimeo.

“I’ve up loaded this video for several reasons. One to bring awareness to trigeminal neuralgia, the attacks I’m having every day fro over 5 years – in hopes someone MIGHT know some thing. It was/is a very emotional vid to share. it is my daily life interruptions. I did have surgery – but it was not successful. Dr.s do not know what is causing this condition. Medical Cannabis helps slow the twitch and helps with the pain. It keep me active and creative.
Did you know some medications can cause conditions like this – that never go away?
I am becoming more and more reclusive, it is difficult to keep putting yourself out there with this sort of condition, for many reasons.

Please THINK about what you are putting into your body and PLEASE help bring awareness to trigeminal neuralgia.
If you know of anyone with this condition please share. I have been blogging about it since it started.
Thank you
I promise to make the next videos more uplifting 😉 as long as God continues to keep me here – I’ll do my best to continue to inspire.”
– Georgia – georgiatoons.com
GT there are 2 ways
Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is just one form of Neuropathic orofacial pain (NOP) pathology most often diagnosed based on a typical history and presenting pain characteristics. With unclear pathophysiology, treatment options tend to vary and include a wide variety of treatments including cognitive behavior therapy, anti-depressants, anti-convulsants and opioids; however such treatments often have limited efficacy with a great amount of inter-patient variability and poorly tolerated side effects, unlike nontoxic cannabinoids which display a viable therapeutic avenue.

Therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in trigeminal neuralgia.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a disorder of paroxysmal and severely disabling facial pain and continues to be a real therapeutic challenge to clinicians and patients. While the exact cause and pathology of this disorder is uncertain, it is thought that trigeminal neuralgia caused by irritation of the trigeminal nerve. This irritation results from damage due to the change in the blood vessels, the presence of a tumor or other lesions that cause the compression of the trigeminal root. The pain of trigeminal neuralgia is characterized by unilateral pain attacks that start abruptly and last for varying periods of time from minutes to hours. The quality of pain is usually sharp, stabbing, lancinating, and burning. The attacks are initiated by mild stimuli such as light touch of the skin, eating, chewing, washing the face, brushing the teeth, and exposure to wind.
Therapeutic potential 3 site
For those taking the High Road…

Blind Boys of Alabama – Take The High Road (featuring the Oak Ridge Boys)

 GT Human Connection

The Blind Boys Of Alabama “Higher Ground”

We love GeorgiaToons!

Peace, love & light from the Canadian Prairies
All the best Georgia!!
GT Jail
twin memes II

No one should go to jail for a plant!

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..I think we understand each other a little better, and that’s never a bad thing.