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Health Canada Reefer Madness Mania

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refeer-madness mania 2-cover-rough-20As the list of approved LPs continue to grow in Canada, Health Canada maintains a monopolizing trend in their access program for medical cannabis.
Patient lives in Canada are valued more financially than humanely or compassionately.
Health Canada says: “The Marihuana Medical Access Program (MMAP) is committed to providing seriously ill Canadians with effective and efficient services.” Well they failed us patients right from the start.
Not only are they being inconsiderate towards those battling some of the most serious, fatal diseases and disorders including cancer when they aren’t able to provide real and properly done oil at 95-98% such as the RSO that Rick Simpson provided to thousands of patients for FREE to help them with their arsenol in killing cancer cells.  If Health Canada & their affiliates were truly in it to help sick & dying patients they would have included this life changing, life saving oil. Health Canada and their cohorts would rather improve their profit margins than the health of Canadian citizens. Wanna talk drug dealers or government approved pushers? Look at Health Canada approved Licensed Producers (LPs) list, just check one like Tilray charging out $11 to $14 per gram straight across for their “High Quality”. Them are Street Prices, yep Street Pricing for medical patients. Many patients are not able to work due to their disabilities and couldn’t afford a pound of “High Quality” over time or otherwise to make one full treatment of Rick Simpson Oil would cost from around $4900 to $6300, this is actually worse than street prices. ..and many folks just can’t see why patients are mad? A patient or caregiver could grow this medicine themselves for a fraction of the price and it wouldn’t take much to grow better than an LP. Many patients and caregivers do not have safe access and some feel forced into going to the streets, risking safety and much more including arrests or jail time for a nontoxic, medicinal plant. Drug Dealers like Tilray, they claim to have a compassionate pricing program available (that many patients will still not be applicable for). Shame on them for having two tiers of pricing for medical cannabis because ALL pricing should be compassionate. Multi level pricing for the same product is not fair, equitable or justifiable to most all patients.
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From the beginning, LP prices have not been fair and other products offered don’t compare to the quality homemade products made by caregivers and patients, the real growers, ..LPs took a free ride on the tailcoats of real growers/caregivers/patients. I am disgusted seeing advertised Bedrocan toques, Tweed T-shirts and all crap as such on their websites. LPs are taking advantage of the patients hardships that built their program. A program that highjacked patients rights….  their prices, not compassion, continue to rise…
federal court allard
Interview with an MMPR patient:
Capone 2“As a patient in Canada I am completely offended and fear for my safety in many ways, I’d prefer to just be called Patient X, for this interview okay?”, Patient X asks. Patient X goes on to say, “if there is one thing I have learned through the years is that Health Canada’s “Marihuana” access program is big money and Cannabis Prohibition, like most prohibitions do more harm than the cannabis plant ever could.
Patient X originally came forward to me about their purchase of 5 grams from Peace Naturals and explained to me that 3 months later they were sent the recall for the moldy product purchased…. ..3 MONTHS AGO? Most people would have smoked it already, but as the one patient I know affected by that recall put it. “Their product was crap. I was never able to smoke any of their product it made me sick compared to the primo product I was used to.” “..then there was the time that Peace Naturals weighed out 5 grams… ..but they included the weight of their plastic wrap in the weight of the cannabis.” Buyer Be Ware. ” “Don’t even get me going about CanniMed now… ..they irradiate their product and it is milled and barely identifiable as cannabis, their product made me even sicker. Sure they may irradiate food and say that it is safe at the levels of irradiation given, but any studies that support irradiating food are done for eating only, not burning and smoking…. coins2
“I wonder if some studies that trash medical cannabis are using the product that LPs are selling”, Patient X later said. “ is only LP’s products that I have gotten the most sick from or a real terrible headache from. Well, I’d get sick too using product that LPs irradiate and also use approved Health Canada approved and registered fungicides, soaps, pesticides and sprays alike. The pricing alone already makes me sick.
LP workers are using these pesticides etc that can irritate eyes, are harmful if swallowed and have potential adverse health effects like if inhaled can cause damage to the respiratory tract. The warnings on sprays  like these tell workers to “Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing.” “Avoid breathing dust or spray mist.” “Repeated exposure to high concentrations of microbial proteins can cause allergic sensitization.” too. They require, Coveralls, Chemical resistant gloves, dust/mist-filtering respirator meeting NIOSH standards of at least N-95, R-95, or P-95 for mixing. They caution to “Wash hands before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet.” Of course always keep clean hands, but this warning is serious because it is not natural stuff being washed off here. Coveralls are fine, but they are using pesticides and sprays etc that require coveralls to be washed in designated washing machines,  separately from other laundry and not in residential dwellings where families too could be affected by exposure.
Hold it there, “inhaled can cause damage to the respiratory tract.”?? Well what about when a patient receives an LPs product that has been subject to pesticides that when “inhaled can cause damage to the respiratory tract.” to the producer that takes many measures to protect themselves from the dangers of even registered pesticides and sprays when growing, then this is passed along to a patient that may eat the product or burn it in a joint they smoke? Soo, where are the studies that say it is okay to burn and inhale Health Canada approved and registered fungicides, soaps, pesticides and sprays alike found on their product without adverse effects?
Just because the ingredients in these pesticides in their raw form are “not listed by NTP, OSHA, or ACGIH as a carcinogen.” does not mean to me that these products are not carcinogenic.

“As early as 1897, an Austrian doctor attributed pulmonary troubles in one of his patients to the inhalation of asbestos dust.” “In 1906, the first documented death of an asbestos worker from pulmonary failure was recorded by Dr. Montague Murray at London’s Charring Cross Hospital.”

Although medical evidence in the ‘30s continued to link asbestos exposure to mesothelioma, the federal government still didn’t do anything about it until 40 years later…
Let’s be very clear, many already know about the damage that Monsanto, aka Scotts Fertilizer, aka The Hawthorne Gardening Company has done since their arrival and remember the dangers they are capable of…  Health Canada is affiliated with them too. Actinovate® SP Fungicide can be purchased from the barons that brought you toxic Round Up, ..Monsanto. Actinovate® SP Fungicide is “used as a foliar spray, “Actinovate® SP effectively controls foliar diseases such as powdery mildew.” Okay stop right there. If any plants have have mildew you do not keep them and “control” the powdery mildew with monsanto products, the Monsanto way to sell your tainted product. You remove PM plants and destroy them, period. #KittyLitterForLicensedProducersOfMarihuanaOverHerePlease

Also approved for use too: RootShield® HC – Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder, for the Supression of Root rot caused by Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp. and Fusarium spp.? If their (LP) plants have Root Rot, the root rot should not be suppressed and then sold for profit, the poorly farmed plants with root rot should be thrown away/culled. How dare the LPs selling plants to patients to burn or eat that have been treated by marketed pesticides and sprays because the plants that they farm are sick with Rooot Rot, Powdery Mildew, Spider Mites… …all of these problems and Health Canada’s approved pesticides and sprays alter the cannabis plants chemically, negatively affecting beneficial phytocannbinoids and the natural phytochemical within the plant.

Kopa Insecticidal Soap – Carbon oxides may form upon burning too.. …is a contact insecticide that controls a variety of common garden and crop pests such as aphids, earwigs, mealybugs, spider mites, psyllids, pear and rose slugs (sawfly larvae), soft brown scale, and whitefly.
As for Opal Insecticidal Soap which is used for control of Spider Mites. If an LP has Spider Mites they should not be further polluting their product with Insecticidal Soap to kill… ..they should destroy their product. Excuse me LPs…

All these pesticides and sprays claim to be safe for use on vegetables and ornamentals. How many are out there right now smoking an vegetable or an ornamental? I haven’t seen anywhere that these sprays could be used or have been tested/studied for use in farming medical cannabis to be used in all of its forms.
Why would anyone want to put any of this crap on such a beneficial and healing nontoxic plant? Profit, monopoly, greed and power come to mind. I know it is possible to grow supreme medicine without pesticides and sprays. Profit driven Health Canada and their affiliates are not out for your best interests, theirs come first.

🙁 Who’s gonna blow the whistle here? …or you gonna join em in support and start wearing Tweed T-shirts, Tilray T-shirts and Bedrocan gear?

I don’t believe a word THEY say!

Boycott Prohibitionists’ in LP clothing.

I ain’t medicating for Tilray, I ain’t medicating for Peace Naturals. None of their products I will toke, they make patients look like a joke. This toke, this toke, this tokes for you! GYO baby!!

This Note’s For You

..this toke too

Since 2001 Health Canada has been failing the patients.

With Cannabis Prohibition still in effect, the system has still banned the most beneficial, healing plant in the world . …its time to ban Health Canada’s crooked MMAP and their affiliates.

Time to activate in response to Health Canada’s continual unjust ways and boycott all of their  affiliates. From the top on down.
Before Snoop begins lining his pockets and steps into his business as another dirty Health Canada affiliate he should at the very least be helping get patients their rights to grow first.
Health Canada, their approved LPs and affiliates should be boycotted and held accountable for their actions.

Snoop collage…hey Snoop Dogg or Snoop Lion, whichever profile you go by. You too are a sellout. You’re not helping sick & dying patients by your affiliation with Tweed in fuelling Health Canada’s unjust monopoly and keep Cannabis Prohibition alive. You are affiliated with those that place large profit margins over patients. Shame on youse. Soon we will see just how crappy his tastes for cannabis may be, shit gotta be pretty lame. Snoop you’re so gangster. No doubt you’ll be getting more bling, bling sha chingy.  So has Snoop tried the product that he will be endorsing? Is Snoop a valid MJ cardholder? I think his tastes for cannabis in Canada are firstly for the money and not the product.
Hit me up on twitter Snoop if you wanna talk to one of over 40, 000 patients, ..many of which are already displeased with Health Canada’s program as it is.

The need for free and fair access to cannabis remains a huge problem for patients. LPs, Health Canada and their affiliates are creatively designing a system that clearly benefits them first while maintaining large profit margins over sick & dying Canadians. Don’t believe that LPs, lobbying to cut taxes, are on the patients side. The taxes from cannabis are what we could be using to better our nation in many ways. Simply put, the LPs have to drastically reduce their pricing and all pricing should be compassionate enough that the tax won’t be the problem. The LPs will try to do anything to deceive, in the name of money and greed.Freedom Wares Smokey Affiliates Warning 12
As Snoop Doggy Dawg and the others cash in on so called “Legalization”, the fact remains that good folks, patients, caregivers and fun loving recreational users will still be risking going to jail for cannabis at some level.
Repeal is the better deal.
Map of Canada
georgia toons health canada murderThe map above shows all licensed producers who have been issued a licence by Health Canada. Only producers who are authorized to produce and sell to the public may sell or provide dried marijuana, fresh marijuana or cannabis oil to eligible persons under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). They can profit off of cannabis legally. They can do things with cannabis almost anyone else would go to jail for….

Follow The Money…

The then Liberal Party of Canada CFO Chuck Rifici, from Ottawa had already become a multimillionaire in just a few months of 2014 thanks to his stock-traded medical marijuana company, QMI Agency had learned that he achieved this by the fall of 2014, documents found revealed Rifici’s initial investment in Tweed Marijuana Inc. has so far sprouted into an $18-million bumper crop.
Rifici, co-founded Tweed and served as its CEO until he resigned on Aug. 27, 2014. He remains on the company’s board. He made millions of dollars off of the same plant that other human beings are literally dying to receive as medicine and many human beings continue to risk arrest and jailing for free and fair access to this same plant.
More recently in May of 2016 Toronto, under the power of a Liberal government that made the election promise to “Legalize” cannabis, arrests have not stopped. There has already been over 25,000 cannabis related arrests since Justin has been in power. On May 26th in Toronto, Mayor John Tory and the Toronto Police went ahead operation “Project Claudia”, in which there were 90 arrests and 257 charges laid in Toronto marijuana dispensary raids. More than 250 kilograms of marijuana was seized in raids on 43 dispensaries across Toronto. Many patients lives have now been seriously affected. Too many patients are already displaced as it is under Health Canada’s broken and failing program.
Obviously, Licensed producers have been heavily involved in persuading Toronto’s Mayor John Tory and his city’s Police service to do these raids. The lobby registry at City Hall is public and reveals that Tweed has had three meetings at the city level and Tilray had ten meetings with the city prior to the Project Claudia raids.
Recent Supreme Court of Canada decisions should always be considered first and the individuals and party named here are culpable in obstructing justice.
..only if it benefits your friends financially first, huh Justin?
This ain't legalization, Justin
Chuck Rifici, is currently the CFO of the Liberal Party of Canada.
•founder and former CEO of Tweed
Mark Zekulin, CEO of Tweed
•former senior adviser to former Ontario finance minister Dwight Duncan
Norman Inkster, Independent Director at Mettrum
•former head of the RCMP
Dr. Joshua Tepper, Independent Director at Mettrum
•formerly Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Health , Senior Medical Officer for Health Canada,
Tom Shipley, Director of Quality Assurance, Tweed
•formerly worked on toxicology research, while at Health Canada,
Mike Harcourt, Chairman of True Leaf Medicine Inc
•former B.C. Premier
Kash Heed, strategic consultant with National Green BioMed
•Former B.C. Solicitor General and former West Vancouver police chief
Herb Dhaliwal, Chairman, National Green BioMed
•former Vancouver MP and federal cabinet minister.
John Turner, medicinal marijuana applicant in Ontario (With Kash Heed)
•Former Prime Minister of Canada
Mr. Belot, Board of Directors for Aurora
•was a public servant in several ministries within the Ontario government
Brian Wagner, Company founder and CEO NHP Consulting (consults for prospective LP’s)
•Brian was invited to play a strong role in Health Canada’s Program Advisory Committee
Tim Humberstone, ABcann Director / Senior Person in Charge
•former twenty year member of the RCMP included roles in Municipal/Federal Drug Enforcement and with the Joint Forces Organized Crime Agency. Tim has also received extensive training by the RCMP in providing expert court opinion in the fields of cannabis trafficking and production techniques .
Ivan Vrana, founder of Aslan Ross Consulting / speaker mmpr summit
•Previously Mr. Vrána worked for the Federal Government for over 15 years. He worked at the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board, Finance Canada and in various senior policy positions at Health Canada. At Health Canada he was in charge of the team that developed the policy rationale which led to the implementation of the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.Mr. Vrána is also a regular Lecturer at both Carleton and Concordia universities and teaches a course that examines the internal communication tools governments use to development and implement public policy.
Sandy Pratt, Chief Financial Officer, Emerald Health
•Worked at Deloitte ( auditing firm involved in the senate scandal), Vice President of Business Development and Executive Financial Officer of the Royal British Columbia Museum, a Crown corporation.
Shane Morris, VP, Scientific Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Hydropothecary CEO (now Canadian Cannabis Corp.)
•Since 2000, Shane has been in a range of leadership roles within the Federal Government, from Treasury Board of Canada’s senior advisor (Cabinet Operations) on regulatory affairs to director of policy leadership and Reporting for Resources Canada’s major projects management office.
George Smitherman, THC BioMed
former Ontario Liberal deputy premier
•more than 30 years to public policy fields at the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Level, where roles as Senior Advisor, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Ontario’s Minister of Health were held
Jake Ryan, Director of Security: Tilray
* former RCMP Intelligence Officer and federal criminal investigator overseeing all aspects of Tilray’s security protocols and operations.
Ernie Eves, Chairman, Timeless Herbal Care — a Jamaican medical marijuana company.
•former Progressive Conservative premier of Ontario
Kim Derry, a promoter of marijuana facility THC Meds Ontario Inc.
•deputy chief of the Toronto Police Service under Mr. Blair,
John Reynolds, advisor to Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals Inc
•former MP with the Progressive Conservative, Reform and Canadian Alliance parties
Senator Larry Campbell, advisor to Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals Inc.
•former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and Vancouver mayor. And sitting Senator…
Barry Daniel, Wildflower’s head of security
•Former Abbotsford police chief.
Cam Battley, Aurora Senior Vice President, Communications and Medical Affairs
•Former Legislative Assistant to the Canadian Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, where he was responsible for developing legislation and steering it through the House of Commons, as well as negotiating with Opposition parties and stakeholder groups.
Canadian Jail Flag THSI 420 final 100

John Tory Petition

Petitioning Mayor of Toronto John Tory and 1 other. @JohnTory wants to close cannabis dispensaries in Toronto. Tell him we want and need them.


On Friday, May 13th, Mayor John Tory made a statement on CBC that by the end of May, all Toronto “pot shops” – compassion clubs & dispensaries and the like – will face potential police actions and fines of 50,000. The majority of Ontarians support the dispensary model. We call on John Tory to meet with patients and local business owners who have already created working rules and regulations for ethical cannabis businesses to abide by, and ask that he allow responsible businesses addressing the needs of patients, paying taxes, and operating with the support of most Ontarians to continue to operate.”Ready now for full repeal of Cannabis Prohibition or does more of this “Marijuana Legalization” please you?
GT 101

The Who – Eminence Front

twin memes II

THSi edu 4000                                    Are YOU a Solutionist?
– Pesticides Approved for Use on Marijuana for Medical Purposes – Information Bulletin
From Health Canada’s site:

  • MilStop® Foliar Fungicide
  • Actinovate® SP Fungicide
  • Opal Insecticidal Soap
  • Neudosan Commercial
  • Kopa Insecticidal Soap
  • Rootshield® HC Biological Fungicide Wettable Powder
  • Rootshield® WP Biological Fungicide

Information and labels for these pesticides is available on the Pesticides and Pest Management section of the PMRA website.
– –
– google site ref

*Thank you Georgia Toons Pink partial leaf heart wsunset

Why is marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit . . . unnatural?” ~Bill Hicks

Stop calling it slang names like “Marijuana” and stop labelling it as “Marihuana”. It is Cannabis. –Me