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“Out of the box” new therapeutic strategies for Crohn´s disease: moving beyond biologics

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doi: 10.17235/reed.2022.9010/2022.

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New treatment options beyond immunosuppression have emerged in recent years for patients with Crohn´s disease (CD), a chronic systemic condition affecting primarily the gut with great impact in the quality of life. The cause of CD is largely unknown, and a curative treatment is not yet available. In addition, despite the growing therapeutic armamentarium in recent years almost half of the patients don´t achieve a sustained response over time. Thus, new therapeutic strategies are urgently needed. In this review, we discuss the current state of promising new “out of the box” possibilities to control chronic inflammation beyond current pharmacological treatments, including: exclusive enteral nutrition, specific diets, cell therapies using T regs, hyperbaric oxygen, fecal microbiota transplantation, phage therapy, helminths, cannabis and vagal nerve stimulation. The exploration of original and novel therapeutic modalities is key to address their potential as main or complementary treatments in selected CD populations in order to increase efficacy, minimize side effects and improve quality of life of patients.

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