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Photochemical trans-/cis-isomerization and quantitation of zearalenone in edible oils.

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2012 Nov 28;60(47):11733-40. doi: 10.1021/jf3037775. Epub 2012 Nov 19.

pm8Photochemical trans-/cis-isomerization and quantitation of zearalenone in edible oils.


The emphasis of the present work was to investigate the photochemical conversion of trans- to cis-zearalenone in edible oils under real-life conditions. For quantitation purposes a cis-zearalenone standard was synthesized and characterized for its identity and purity (≥95%) by (1)H NMR, X-ray crystallography, HPLC fluorescence and mass spectrometric detection. In a sample survey of 12 edible oils (9 corn oils, 3 hempseed oils) from local supermarkets all corn oils contained trans-zearalenone (median 194 μg/kg), but no cis-zearalenone was detected. For alteration studies trans-zearalenone contaminated corn oils were exposed to sunlight over 4 and 30 weeks, revealing an obvious shift toward cis-zearalenone up to a cis/trans ratio of 9:1 by storage in colorless glass bottles. Irradiation experiments of trans-zearalenone in different organic solvents confirmed the preferred formation of cis-zearalenone possibly caused by entropic effects rather than by enthalpic entities as investigated by quantum chemical and classical force field simulations.

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