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Peace, Love and CommUNITY CUP 2018!

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Unity Cup, June 18th[Day 1] marked the kickoff to a 5 day week of pre Unity Cup gatherings leading right up and into the weekend main event that covered 9 months of planning, passion and progression, it was an amazing experience, an honour to be part of…


Pistachio White Chocolate Mousse Cake 

Monday’s mouthwatering Flatlands Infused Dinner was spread with creativity and appeal. It was a TASTY, TASTY 9 course dinner[aw man that dessert!], created by 7 chefs and 3 mixologists for the Unity Cup VIPs, which boasted loaded craft dab bar.

The food, drinks and dabs were sublime, breaking bread with such great folks enhanced the flavour of the evening.

Well fed, gradually medicated, the smiles and laughs filled the night. Transformation of CannaFannatastic energy.

Tipping my hat to the organizers and volunteers involved in the potent Unity Cup, their 2nd craft cannabis event.

It was FIRE!
VIP menu site3

Unity Cup Day 2

Cannafam ‘backyard garden’ included a live feed, giveaways, auction, music, BBQ and community connection. Many came to say high, everyone was lifted, plants were gifted and were rooted in their new environment. The CannaCommUNITY welcomed and celebrated Mat’s new joint.

Unity Cup Day 3

Dabs n’ Sesh and Raffle at Weeds, more community connection.

Unity Cup Day 4

Fired up at Weeds…

Unity Cup Day 5 [Friday]

Vendor set up, meetings and an awesome in house party for all on the grounds as the sun moved across the sky gates were opened and Unity Cup 2018 had arrived!

Unity Cup has 13 active members whose time and effort accelerated the  Unity Cup success. Thru each active member, additional volunteers also showed support and contributed ideas and perspectives towards the huge success. The success was largely attributed to the huge effort and commitment of the community and the property owner for the venue, including the guests, sponsors, vendors and volunteers from coast to coast, across Canada. Shoutout to the glassblowers for contributing the trophy cups for the awards. – Paul

Please welcome!! Guest from Newfoundland, the man from Cannabis Corner with J Frost and Master of Ceremonies Jesef Monty Frost!


Serious glasswork was being performed by Winnipeg’s Glass Blowin’ Big-Dogs…

On the grounds and right up to under the Big Top, you could find good folks like Beard Brothers Society, Blue Velvet, CannaFam, THE CANNADIAN CHRONICLEGrowers N’ Smokers, Mailman Pharms, Chi Chi Pops, The Human Solution Internationals Friendly Manitoba Chapter, Living Leaf Remedies, Peg City Hippie, Prairie Extracts, SunStreamGOSEXY.caReady…Set…Grow! Hydroponics, Oleg Glassworks, Winnie’s BAKERY, SQUISH glassworks, hi BAKERY, Flatlands Infused, Unlicensed Producer! ..and more!!


Mobile RMT, Twin Bee was in attendance for those that required a cannafannatastic massage 🙂

So much to see, so much to do…



Another great set up with unity from across Canada. 

P. Goldentree site

An extremely well organized event!Unity Cup 2018 Bracelets site

Twas was BBQ in the air..and also tasty food trucks like; The Churro Stop, The Breakfast Club and Island Infusion… Great food!!
Glassblowers alley was lit and so very amazing as the sun began to set they began to shine…. Glassmiths such as Alien Slyde Glass, Shine Pipes, Oleg Glassworks and company lit up Glassblowers Lane…. What an amazing night-time treat for the eyes! Wow!!! Thank you guys!!!

Yes, bright, all under warm and blazing soulshine baby!

I’ll just say here that of course Wedding Cake can give fond memories for many, but really none fonder here since sampling Unlicensed Producers’ lovely & amazing Wedding Cake, Cake ANNND BAKE!!  ..mmmmmmm, cake memories from the second annual Unity Cup, in 2018. Damn!!

An amazing gathering of craft cannabis and quality people. What a perfect event to experience craft cannabis at its finest and cannabis enthusiasts alike. 

Craft Cannabis is the backbone of the cannabis community and movement and always will be. – Paul

Unity samples site

:) Here’s the cup results:


Unity Cup Indica Results!!!

1st) Osiris Estates “Z4” (9.0) (IG)

2nd) Continental “Jim’s Hash-plant” (8.83) (ID)

3rd) KushBurn “Bubba’s G-Spot” (8.42) (II)

4) Premium Kush “OG Kush X GDP” (IJ) (8.33)

5) Cannafam “AR4” (8.16)

6) Joe Dirt “Chem Dog” (7.76) (IA)

7) Private Grower “Northern Lights” (7.75) (IF)

8) Good Good “OG Kush” (7.68) (IE)

9) Terp Fire “Special Master” (7.35) (IH)

10) Cannafam “AR3” (7.07)


Unity Cup Hybrid Results!!!

1st) Osiris Estates “Sorbeto” (9.68) (HQ)

2nd) Phat Pharmer “Zombie Kush” (9.62) (HM)

3rd) Continental “Cotton Candy” (9.48) (HO)

4) Prairie Extracts “Peanut Butter Breath” (9.40) (HP)

5) TIE Unlicensed Producer “Wedding Cake” (9.35) (HJ)

5) TIE Private Grower “123” (9.35) (HN)

6) Ben Haddad “Samoa” (9.22) (HR)

7) Unlicensed Producer “GG4” (9.16)

😎 Sacred Cut Seeds “Mendo Breath” (9.0) (HI)

9) Cannafam “Blue Lemon” (8.75) (HL)

10) Terp Fire “OG Cheese” (8.62) (HS)

11) Reeferman “Pink Kush” (8.53) (HG)

12) (Quebec Entry “late entry” (message me for name apologies cannot find feel terrible)
“Critical Jack” (8.36) (HT)

13) Rosin Unity “Pink Kush” (7.91) (HB)

14) Good Good “Hybrid Entry” (7.83) (HD)

15) Bud Star “Blue Amnesia” (7.82) (HF)

16) Farmboy420 “Pennywise” (7.42) (HC)

17) KEED Weed Seed “The Q” (7.41) (HE)

18 Beautiful Buds “Green Crack God Bud”
(6.83) (HH)


Unity Cup Sativa Results!!!

1st) Osiris Estates “Pineapple Sorbet” (9.40) (SL)

2nd) Terp Fire “Strawberry Sour Diesel” (9.20) (SM)

3rd) Prairie Extracts “Tut” (9.10) (SH)

4) (TIE) Private Grower “Watermelon” (9.0) (SG)

4) (TIE) Joe Dirt “Tut” (9.0) (SI)

5) Cannafam “Purple Cheese” (8.99) (SD)

6) Reeferman “Love Potion” (8.96) (SC)

7) Holly Plouffe “Alice In Wonderland” (7.25) (SK)

8) Good Good “Sativa Entry” (7.22) (SJ)

9) KEED Weed Seed “Neville’s Wreck” (7.06) (SB)

10) Cannafam “Green Cheese” (5.43) (S10)


Unity Cup Solvent-less results!!!

1st) Basement Farmer “Grease Monkey” (9.54) (SLB)

2nd) Unlicensed Producer “Wedding Cake/GG4” (9.50) (SLC)

3rd) Sunshine Rosin Co. “Blend/Fruit Mama” (Frosty Flower Farms) (9.45) (SLE)

4) Good Good “Hybrid Entry” (9.42)

5) Rosin Unity (Blend/Pink/Death/TW) (9.41) (SLA)

6) (TIE) Good Good “Indica Entry” (9.40) (SLF)

6) (TIE) Sunshine Rosin Co. “God Bud” (9.40) (SLK)

(SLG/SLH/SLI/SLJ) were placed in SL by accident…and were then placed in back in the proper category)

(100% promoters fault)

(Miscommunication on my end!)

(All 4 were then recalculated for their appropriate category)


Unity Cup Solvent Results!!

1st) Prairie Extracts “Kona Gold” (9.98) (SB)

2nd) Everlasting Extracts “Black Death on Zombie Diamonds” (9.96) (SG)

3rd) Blue Velvet Extracts “Sour Tangie” (9.94) (ST)

4) 11 Lemon “Blue Huey OG” (9.91) (SN/SLI)

5) 11 Lemon “Grizzly Kush” (9.89) (SM/SLH)

6) Prairie Extracts “Hash Plant” (9.85) (SD)

7) Blue Velvet Extracts “Platinum Banana” (9.82) (SK)

8) (TIE) “Sweet Pink Panties” (9.80) (SL/SLG)

8) (TIE) “Foul Grapes” (9.80) (SO/SLJ)

9) Top Drawer Canna “Live” (9.78) (SF)

10) Prairie Extracts “Double Tangie Banana” (9.75) (SL)

11) Continental “Death Kush” (9.70) (SE)

12) Back Country “Purple Papaya” (9.66) (SA)

13) Terp Fire “Strawberry Sour Diesel” (9.60) (SI)

14 Potent Industries “Raspberry Kush” (9.54) (SH)


Thank you to all the growers!

No Cup without you VIPs!!
– Paul

Unity Cup 2018 - site

– *750 tickets printed, 1300 people attended over entire weekend. What does unity in a cannabis community look like? Well just look below my friends, look below… 🙂

Unity Cup 2018 pic 1

In the end, with all the challenges faced, everything came together thru the unity in the community, standing together for their love of quality craft cannabis. – Paul

UC 2018 site pic 2

..another year may be done but amazing memories live on.

Summer Breezes…

People lifting people….

I highly recommend checking out Unity Cup 2019. Feel the love and enjoy experience …… heres to seeing all you wonderful folks agin next year!! — NEXT YEAR!: Looking forward to a small growth for Unity Cup 2019, with hopes of even more vendors, more space, more time and more events, maybe even a special 24 hr venue – a full week of Unity